Reasons to Install Sliding Doors in Your Home or Business

Sliding doors are trending. They offer a functional and avant-garde solution for a wide variety of applications, with a series of significant advantages in terms of space, accessibility, and design. These are a type of door that opens and closes by sliding horizontally, usually using a rail system, moving parallel to the wall.

In the current market, there is a wide range of sliding doors in terms of their structure: single door, facing, parallel, corner, telescopic, folding, stackable, or sliding doors with a fixed part. In this way, it is easy to find the one that best suits the needs of each client, whether for a particular installation or for a business. Furthermore, among the variety of materials in which they are presented, glass stands out above all, with glass doors offering maximum functionality, elegance, and the capacity to maximize natural light entry.

Below are the main reasons why installing sliding doors in the home or business is a smart decision.


Possibly the greatest advantage offered by these designs is the maximum utilization of available space, as sliding doors do not require additional space to allow for the swing of a conventional door. In this sense, it is especially recommended to install them in small spaces or businesses with limited dimensions.

Accessibility and comfort

Another aspect in which sliding doors stand out is their functionality and ease of use, being easier to open and close, especially when it comes to people with reduced mobility, the elderly, or small children.

They also allow for a wider opening than traditional doors, increasing comfort, especially when it is necessary to pass large objects or when allowing the transit of many people at the same time, as can happen in shops.

Aesthetics and design

This is another feature in which they have no competitor, as this type of door gives the space a contemporary and elegant feel. This is the main reason why they have become a trend, especially for the most modern and avant-garde interiors.

In relation to the different styles and materials in which they can be made to adapt to the aesthetic preferences of each client, such as wood, metal… as already mentioned, glass stands out over the rest, as glass sliding doors offer a greater sense of spaciousness and make properties gain in brightness by allowing the free circulation of a large amount of light.

Brightness and space connection

As just mentioned, glass sliding doors allow natural light to flow freely between different rooms, creating a much brighter and pleasant atmosphere. In this way, another advantage associated with glass sliding doors is that they create a greater sense of continuity between the different areas of the property, especially between the interior and exterior of a house with a patio or terrace.

Simple maintenance

The smooth surfaces and commonly used materials in this type of doors, such as glass, are easy to clean and maintain, as they experience less wear and tear. In this sense, the sliding mechanism reduces the degree of wear and tear from use compared to the hinges of traditional doors.

Energy efficiency

When sliding doors are of high quality, an excellent level of thermal and acoustic insulation is achieved, facilitating a pleasant and constant temperature, while reducing external noise levels. This translates into increased comfort and savings on the energy consumption bill, both from the use of air conditioning in summer and heating systems in winter.

Safety and durability

Many interested in these avant-garde door models are concerned about the security they offer. In this sense, it should be noted that models made with quality materials are highly resistant, guaranteeing their durability, and have advanced locking systems to protect against intruders.

Added value

Because they are trending and exponentially improve the functionality and aesthetics of the property they are installed in, they produce a significant increase in the value of the property for the real estate market with a view to a possible future sale.

Finally, after all this information about the reasons to install sliding doors, it only remains to offer a final recommendation. This is to only contact professionals in the field, such as Vidrios Coruña, the reference glass company in A Coruña in this geographical area, so that the final result meets the most demanding expectations. And as with any other service or commission, the good work and experience of the professionals determine the quality of the finishes and the perfect adaptation to the needs of each client.

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