Revitalized Hallways: The Importance of Hallway Carpets

How little importance we give to hallways, and it’s not because we don’t constantly pass through them. Perhaps that’s why we don’t realize how much a hallway runner can do to revitalize it.

Is your hallway bored? Or are you bored of it? Does it look dull, sad, lackluster? Maybe it’s time to think about revitalizing it, giving it a boost, and enhancing it with the superpowers of hallway runners.

Well, maybe not superpowers, but a well-chosen hallway runner can completely transform your hallway, and for the better, we assure you of that.

Hallways: what a runner can do for them

The hallway is the most stepped-on place in the whole house, and for that reason, although we see it as just a place to go from one place to another, dressing it up correctly will earn us many points in the decoration of our house.

How so? Let’s see.

More light, please

For example: a light-toned hallway runner for a dark or poorly lit hallway will give it brightness and visually enlarge it. Even though the hallway measures the same as before, it will seem larger and cheerier, as if seen with new eyes.

Adds more warmth

If the hallway is cold, because it has tiles, for example, or because the combination of the floor with the wall is not warm or welcoming, a short-pile, warm-toned hallway runner will give it a new, more homely and cozy look.

Centers and defines the space

A hallway runner helps to define the space. That’s why it’s convenient to leave margins between the runner and the wall with the floor visible to center the environment and let the floor breathe.

In other words, the floor should be visible and contrast with the runner so that both elements stand out mutually.

Play with patterns

A short hallway can be visually lengthened with a pattern or braided longitudinal stripes. Or vice versa with transverse stripes. (We also use this trick with striped sweaters, right?)

Classic or baroque patterns can add liveliness to languid hallways, and a hallway overloaded, for example, with wallpaper can find its match in a plain runner.

Custom-made hallway runner, a sure hit

No two hallways are the same. That’s why when it comes to hallway runners, it’s most common that we don’t find the one we need already made.

No problem! Custom-cut hallway runners are the perfect solution for making your hallway look exactly as it should, down to the exact centimeter.

There are custom-made hallway runners with fixed widths, ready to be cut to the required length, and other custom-made runners that you can even vary in width.

Either way, it’s necessary to measure well and always leave enough space at both ends so that some floor is visible.

It usually doesn’t look good if we cut it so close that the runner meets the wall, nor if we cut it too short and too much floor is visible. Leaving just the right amount of space on the sides and at the ends is the key to enjoying the perfect hallway runner.

via: MiMub in Spanish

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