Senttix Pure Sheets Set for a restful sleep

There is nothing better than a restful sleep to be able to face all the situations that need to be faced every day. In order to achieve that coveted restful sleep, it is important to have the appropriate elements that help us in our rest. Here, comfortable mattresses, beds, and bedding are essential. In this sense, Senttix offers a multitude of options, highlighting their Pure sheet set made with 100% combed cotton.

The Sleep Medicine Institute clearly explains the notable and immediate effects we suffer when we do not rest properly. Bedding plays a fundamental role.

It is essential to ensure an intimate and special feeling when going to bed. The quality of the fabrics is vital. Good sheets will make the bed look elegant and the feeling of getting into bed more pleasant. Likewise, it is important that they are made of natural materials to guarantee their softness and durability.

Pure Sheet Set

Juego de sabanas Pure de Senttix 2

This set offers a flat sheet and pillowcases made of 500-thread-count combed cotton in white with blue trim —available in all possible sizes that adapt to Senttix mattresses—. The white color of its fabric is the ideal color for a bed, representing purity, freshness, and cleanliness. It allows you to combine it with the rest of the colors in your bedroom, it is cozy, and it conveys calm and serenity, just what we need at bedtime.

Pure is entirely made with 500-thread-count combed cotton, 126 gr/m2. The combed cotton that Senttix uses for this collection makes the sheets softer, with more volume, more natural shine, and longer-lasting. The “combing” process of the yarn removes all impurities and short and medium fibers, leaving only the longest fibers of the cotton. The better the quality of the yarn, the greater its natural qualities of breathability, absorption, and moisture evaporation.

This bedding collection fits perfectly on Senttix mattresses and pillows, both in dimensions and in design and choice of materials. With this high-quality collection, you will help to make the bedroom the most pleasant place in the world, a perfect setting to enjoy the best and most restful dreams. Clean beds, cotton sheets, natural feather fillings, soft, calm, and serene colors.

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