SerCat Expands Its Online Presence With The New Generation

With a solid reputation as leaders in the construction and maintenance of railway infrastructures in Barcelona, SerCat has now also enhanced its online presence thanks to the support from the Digital Kit.

SerCat is a leading company in the construction and maintenance of railway infrastructures. With years of experience in the field, the SerCat team has a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges each railway project entails. This specialized knowledge allows the company to confidently and effectively tackle projects of various scales.

SerCat offers a wide range of specialized services in railway infrastructures, tailored to the specific needs of each client. These include the construction of tracks and switches in Top-Down and ballast methods, assembly of tramway tracks, girder rail welding, rack rail assembly, track superstructure maintenance, alumino-thermic welding, and more. Each of these services is performed under strict regulations and quality standards to ensure maximum safety and durability. Founded on a broad experience, SerCat has established itself as an expert company in the design, construction, and maintenance of railway infrastructures.

With a customer-focused approach and a solid market reputation, the company continues to be the preferred choice for highly complex and technically demanding railway projects. The company strives to maintain open and transparent communication from the start to the conclusion of each project. This includes close collaboration during planning, execution, and final delivery of the project, thus ensuring total customer satisfaction. Looking forward, SerCat is committed to continuing to innovate and improve its services to meet the changing needs of the railway sector.

Thanks to its experience and technical expertise, they tackle complex projects with outstanding results, such as the assembly of track and turnouts in Sagrera AV or the assembly of track and turnouts in the Xarxa Tranviaria, as well as maintenance and improvement projects in railway infrastructures. With a rigorous focus on quality, safety, and efficiency, SerCat demonstrates its capacity to lead complex and crucial railway projects for urban and regional development. Their commitment to innovation and compliance with current regulations ensures satisfactory and lasting results in each initiative they undertake.

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