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Havig a small kitchen doesn’t mean you have to give up on style and functionality. With the right ideas and design strategies, you can transform your small kitchen into a modern and stunning space.

You can add smart storage solutions, multifunctional appliances, incorporate minimalist style, or add colorful accents.

These are some of the latest trends that will help you transform and modernize your small kitchen, and discover what’s in style in the world of kitchens today.

In this article, we will explore different ways to modernize it that will leave you inspired, so you can make the big change with the trending decoration styles.

Trending styles to renovate your small kitchen

Minimalist style

open shelves small kitchen
open shelves kitchen

A popular option for small kitchens is the minimalist style. This design philosophy focuses on simplicity, clean lines, and clutter-free spaces.

Opt for sleek cabinets without handles, and a monochromatic color scheme to create an open and airy feeling. Incorporate hidden storage solutions to make the most of the space, such as pull-out drawers and corner cabinets.

Within this style, incorporating open shelves is a great solution as they are the latest trend for small kitchens because they allow you to maximize space. You can have all your accessories within reach without worrying about how high they are, everything is at eye level.

For countertops, choose materials like quartz or solid surface to achieve a polished and minimalist look. Install pendant lights above the kitchen island or breakfast bar to add a touch of elegance and warmth to the space.


If you prefer a cozy yet modern ambiance, the Scandinavian style is perfect for your small kitchen. Choose light-colored cabinets, such as white or light wood tones, combined with natural materials like wooden floors or countertops, creating a sense of warmth and simplicity.

Add pops of color through accessories such as curtains, rugs, or wall art. Keep the space clutter-free by using smart storage solutions, such as wall shelves and hanging baskets. Incorporate greenery to add a touch of freshness and vitality to your Scandinavian-inspired small kitchen.


An industrial-style kitchen can bring a unique and bold atmosphere to your small space. Exposed brick walls, concrete countertops, and metal pendant lights are key elements of this style. Opt for dark-colored cabinets or open shelves to enhance the industrial feeling even more.

Introduce vintage-inspired accessories and decorations, such as rustic bar stools or wire metal baskets. Choose industrial-style faucets and fixtures to complete the look. Remember to keep a simple color palette and stick to neutral tones to avoid overwhelming the limited space.

Country or rustic style

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