Some ideas to increase the Christmas spirit in your home.

Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year. It is an opportunity to be generous and give gifts selflessly. Additionally, if you are a Christian, Christmas takes on a much deeper tone as it is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, making its value much more significant.

But aside from any religious belief, Christmas is always associated with the hope of starting a new year and celebrating with our friends and family. For this reason, getting into the holiday spirit is not only a way to enjoy these dates more, but it also allows us to be in tune with what Christmas really means.

What is the origin of Christmas?

The name “Christmas” comes from the Latin word “nativitas,” which means birth or commemoration of the birth. But the date on which it is celebrated does not come from the exact birthday of Jesus Christ, much less. It is estimated that between 320 and 353 AD, Pope Julius I established December 25 as the nativity, as it coincided with the celebrations of the Saturnalia, which were a pagan festival in Rome to commemorate the winter solstice on December 21.

Later, in Anglo-Saxon culture, some of the Mediterranean customs imposed by the original Saturnalia festivities were changed. For example, some of the changes that were incorporated included decorating Christmas trees or hanging mistletoe over doorways, or eating sweets and giving gifts. Additionally, Santa Claus, the Christmas Old Man, or Santa Claus, as it is known in different cultures, also comes from Anglo-Saxon traditions to celebrate Christmas. In this way, the changes in the celebrations should be understood as a process and not as something fixed that started overnight. Nowadays, you can even find a Christmas wreath with LED lights in a house, which symbolizes the same thing as traditional wreaths, but incorporates modern technologies.

Therefore, this shows that you can maintain the tradition of, for example, decorating Christmas wreaths. But incorporating small changes helps to renew interest.

What does the symbolism of Christmas mean?

Some ideas to increase the Christmas spirit in your home 3

There are many emblems or symbols that have been passed down through generations through traditions. One of these symbols could be, as we have already mentioned, mistletoe, which represents love and is said to help two people find true love if they are looking for it and receive a kiss under this fern hanging over a door.

In the same vein, decorating Christmas wreaths also has a double symbolism. On the one hand, it can be interpreted as a reference to the crown of thorns placed on Jesus’ head. On the other hand, it can be seen as a reference to laurel wreaths that were awarded in ceremonies as a symbol of triumph and celebration.

Therefore, buying Christmas wreaths for doors is a way to maintain tradition. It can also greatly enhance the Christmas spirit by functioning as a symbol of what we mentioned earlier.

Additionally, you can find very convenient deals on Christmas wreaths at the main stores that sell these products. So, it is a simple and inexpensive way to improve the atmosphere of your home.

Other elements associated with Christmas

Throughout history, there are other characteristic elements that are inevitably associated with Christmas because tradition and people themselves have appropriated these symbols. A very clear example of this would be the wooden nutcrackers, which is a tradition that arises from a story by E.T.A. Hoffmann, the German writer who collected popular tales about the nutcracker and the Rat King.

But the nutcracker is not only associated with this literary work or ballet. It is also present in many homes because during the Christmas season it is very common to eat nuts, and among these nuts, walnuts are a favorite.

Therefore, the sale of large Christmas nutcrackers increases considerably during these dates. As well as desserts with nuts like Russian cream are very popular.

The price of a large nutcracker may seem a bit expensive for some people. But this is not the case at all.

It is simply a prejudice, as it is possible to find very convenient deals if you search in advance where to buy a Christmas nutcracker. Furthermore, the sales that are left after the end-of-year holiday dates are also very convenient, and you can have an item that will serve you for all Christmases to come or can serve as a very charming decorative ornament.

Remember that Christmas has not only material value but also spiritual value

Many times we lose sight of what Christmas really means because we are too focused on what we want to give to other people or what we want others to give us. However, maintaining a materialistic mindset in life keeps our minds attached to objects and prevents us from finding a higher position.

Regardless of any religiosity (whether one believes in a religion or not), spirituality is very important for personal growth. It also helps us have better mental health and greater emotional stability. For these reasons, it is important to always remember the human value and try to share these moments with the people we care about, whether they are family, friends, or those we have the most affinity with.

In conclusion, remember to reach out to people and not spend the holidays alone. It may seem like something that is taken for granted, but sometimes we have to make an effort to break free from practices that are alienating and distance us from each other.

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