Stylish, small and for less than 5 euros

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a beautiful, welcoming, and stylish home, and Shein’s decorative products prove just that. They look like they’re from Zara Home but are so affordable it’s hard to believe!

Having a stylish home doesn’t always mean spending a lot. With the advent of low-cost brands and stores, we’ve gone from having dull homes to inspiring spaces worthy of a decor magazine feature. One such store is Shein, a global retailer that offers products reminiscent of Zara Home, but at incredibly low prices. Here is a selection of 10 items you’re going to love.

1. Coffee Mug
Enhance your kitchen with this minimalist coffee mug. Made of glass, it boasts an elegant design that could remind you of luxury restaurant cups. It’s priced at approximately $2.64.

2. Dish Towels
This pack of four dish towels is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Perfect for keeping handy in the kitchen, these towels will leave your dishes spotless without spoiling your kitchen’s look. They are priced at about $5.

3. Decorative Vase
This decorative vase is perfect for adding elegance and originality to any room. At just about $2.50, this vase serves its purpose and adds a special decorative touch.

4. Natural Fiber Basket
These multifunctional baskets are perfect for organizing any space, from the kitchen to the bathroom. They add a natural and rustic touch, decorating with style. Their price is about $4.25.

5. Individual Table Mats
Elegant and timeless, these individual table mats are perfect for any dining style. Available in subtle tones, they seem lifted straight from Zara Home. They are priced at just about $2.50.

6. A Woven Planter
This woven planter adds warmth and makes any space more welcoming. Ideal to match with other natural fiber baskets, it’s priced at about $3.50.

7. Decorative Sign
Add a fun touch to your kitchen or any corner of the house with this canvas sign. Perfect for decorating kitchen islands or coffee areas, it’s priced at about $1.35.

8. A Minimalist Candle
Perfume and decorate your home with this minimalist candle. In addition to adding elegance, it provides a touch of light and comfort. It’s priced at about $3.

9. Jewelry Tray
This small tray with irregular edges is perfect for organizing your jewelry. Elegant and functional, it stands out on any dresser or sideboard. It’s priced at about $3.38.

10. Floral Pillowcase
Give your bedroom a cheerful and summery touch with this floral pillowcase. Ideal for bedrooms with neutral tones, this case adds a stylish and feminine element to any bed. It’s priced at just about $4.69.

With these 10 products from Shein, you can give your home a Zara Home-like style without spending a fortune. Don’t miss the chance to decorate your house with these affordable gems!

Source: Decoración 2.0, decoration news in Spanish

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