The Kitchen Furniture Association analyzes the data of the Spanish sector in 2023.

The Kitchen Furniture Association (AMC) has revealed the billing data of the kitchen equipment sector in Spain for the year 2023, pointing out a phase of stabilization in the market according to the information provided by its associate companies.

According to AMC’s records, a variety of trends can be observed within the categories of member companies. Those dedicated to the manufacture of kitchen furniture have seen an increase in their sales of 5.71%, followed by companies producing tables and chairs with a 2.36% increase, and components development with a growth of 4.95%. Software companies also experienced a slight rise of 0.97%. On the other hand, sectors such as appliance manufacturing (-2.85%), hardware (-4.06%), and distributors (-2.22%) have reported declines, with kitchen countertop manufacturers standing out with a decline of -8.36%.

Internationally, data from Estacom collected by AMC indicate a decrease in kitchen furniture exports of -3.10%, equivalent to 199.093 billion euros. The most prominent regions in terms of exports have been Catalonia, with 69.133 billion euros, Andalusia with 60.168 billion euros, and Galicia with 28.720 billion euros, which together represent more than half of the total exported by Spain in 2023.

The main countries demanding kitchens with a Spanish seal are led by France with 111.763 billion euros (56.14%), followed by Portugal with 25.474 billion euros (12.80%) and the United States with 17.806 billion euros (8.94%). In contrast, countries that decreased their percentage in terms of Spanish demand were Germany (-57.30%), the Czech Republic (-37.30%), and the United Kingdom (-32.90%).

Regarding import figures, the arrival of kitchens from other countries to Spain increased by 21.08%, reaching 96.03 million euros. While Catalonia became the community with the highest imports after a total investment of 31.291 billion euros (32.58%), followed by Madrid with 15.125 billion euros (15.75%) and Andalusia with 12.599 billion euros (13.12%), Cantabria was at the bottom of this list (-67.80%). On the other hand, Aragon became the autonomous community that experienced the most growth (263.3%).

Regarding the main countries supplying kitchen furniture to Spain, Germany with 30.631 billion euros (31.90%), Italy with 21.655 billion euros (22.55%), and Lithuania with 16.350 billion euros (17.03%) are at the top of the list of origin countries. The case of France stands out, with a total investment of 16.117 billion euros, experiencing the highest growth (129.60%) compared to the previous year.

In conclusion, the sector highlights that the economic value of the number of exports by the Spanish kitchen furniture sector is more than double the total amount of imports at the national level. Shifting the analysis to the appliance panorama, both exports and imports have decreased.

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