This eco-house uses all the energy of its surroundings

We tend to look for solutions to all the human problems but we should not forget about the one of consumption. We are creating more and more ways to solve the problem creating new and innovative ways to obtain energy.

One great idea to solve the problem was Soleta Zero Energy. It is a new concept of eco-houses that can be found in Bucharest, Romania. It was developed by the Justin Capra foundation for inventics and sustainable technology. This prototype was based on various importante principles.

Soleta is a versatile, ecologic and economic house that consumes the minmum energy. It is a concept that could be adapted to a permanent home, a place for vacations, offices, social spaces and other types of buildings. Soleta knows how to reduce consumption to the minimum thanks to some measures to save energy.

eco house 5 eco house 4 eco house 3 eco house 2 eco house 1

Via: ArquitecturaIdeal

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