Trends in decoration for Generation Z.

If you were born between the mid-1990s and mid-2010s, then you are considered to be part of Generation Z. By 2023, you may be nearing adulthood and therefore, it’s time to have your own home, room, and personalized decor. But what are the trends in decoration for Generation Z?

In this article, we will talk about some of them that reflect basic characteristics of Generation Z. Shall we begin?

Sustainability and environmental awareness

One of the main concerns of Generation Z is the environment. Keep in mind that they have grown up in a world where they have been bombarded with information about climate change, sustainability…

That’s why these young people are very conscious about helping the planet, and for that, they will look for Generation Z decoration with recycled furniture, sustainable and second-hand items, with low environmental impact.

In addition, they will want to have indoor plants and vertical gardens to give a more natural look to their home.

Minimalist and functional style

decoracion para la generacion z

Another aspect of decoration for Generation Z is a minimalist and functional lifestyle.

For them, a clean and uncluttered space is preferable. That’s why multi-functional furniture and functional decoration are highly appreciated.

This way, they can also adapt the house according to their needs.

Regarding colors, it’s best to use a natural palette and neutral colors to create an atmosphere of calm and serenity.

Integrated technology

There’s no doubt that Generation Z is closely related to technology. They master it perfectly and are capable of adapting to anything new. That’s why, in the case of decoration for Generation Z, smart devices will be highly present.

Connected appliances, charging stations, wireless chargers… It will be a home of the future, with all possible technological devices and solutions to connect and keep everything “controlled” by a mobile phone or similar.

Personalization and originality

decoracion para la generacion z

Although Generation Z values simplicity, as we mentioned before, that doesn’t mean they don’t like originality.

They are the ones who embrace unique and personalized pieces that reflect their personality and style.

In fact, part of the DIY decoration trend is precisely because of this. And not only in furniture and general decoration, but also in murals, walls, etc.

Multifunctional spaces

The houses and apartments that many members of Generation Z can afford tend to be small. And that has led to an increase in the trend of creating multifunctional spaces.

We’re talking about sofa beds, extendable tables, beds that turn into shelves, or tables that are actually chairs to sit on.

This way, they can have everything they need without having to have a separate piece of furniture for each thing, but rather many different ones.

Cultural and global influences

We could say that another characteristic of decoration for Generation Z is its cultural diversity and acceptance of cultures and influences from around the world.

That’s why it wouldn’t be surprising to want to incorporate elements from different cultures and styles.

We’re talking about international artworks, ethnic rugs, murals with influences from other countries…

Outdoor spaces and connection with nature

In decoration for Generation Z, an open space connected to nature is essential. They need a patio or a balcony where they can connect with the outdoors.

In case that’s not possible, as we mentioned before, they will then choose indoor plants and vertical gardens to turn a corner of their home into their own garden to take care of and, above all, enjoy when they come home or while they are at home.

Art and creativity for decoration for Generation Z

Finally, on a decorative level, art and creativity are crucial for decoration for Generation Z.

They love to decorate walls with original artworks, photographs, and other elements that they have a special passion for.

Even in work areas, they have that creativity so that they never run out of ideas when it comes to work.

Color and mix of styles

Lastly, we have color. And while we mentioned earlier that neutrals are in, the truth is that in certain elements or rooms, they do go for bold colors, which can sometimes be overwhelming or too loud.

In addition, the mix of decorative styles is also very common. They are guided more by the mix that gives personality than by everything matching.

As you can see, decoration for Generation Z can be very different from that of other generations, but there’s no doubt that it will be one that will evolve as we move to the next generation. What does the future hold for us?

via: MiMub in Spanish

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