What does the Law say and what do the experts recommend?

In many homes, you can observe stickers that indicate the presence of connected alarm systems. These signs act as a deterrent to potential thieves, raising the question of the legality of placing such a sticker without actually having an alarm installed. Is it legal? Here we explain in which cases it is legal and when it is not.

### Legality of Generic Stickers

Placing a generic sticker that warns of the presence of an alarm is completely legal. These stickers can be purchased in various stores and bazaars. The law does not prohibit the use of these signs as long as they do not contain logos or names of specific companies.

### Infringement for Using Registered Logos

The situation changes when the sticker includes the logo of a specific security company, such as Sector Alarm, Grupo Control, HomeGo, Sasegur, Movistar Prosegur, Securitas Direct, ADT, or SICOR. In these cases, using a registered trademark without authorization constitutes an infringement on intellectual property rights. According to the Trademark Law 17/2001 and article 274 of the Penal Code, this can be sanctioned with penalties ranging from six months to three years in prison and fines of 12 to 24 months. Additionally, alarm companies could demand compensation for damages.

### Video Surveillance and Data Protection

If the alarm sticker intends to indicate the existence of video surveillance, it is necessary to comply with the Data Protection Law. This implies that the sign must be large enough to be easily readable and contain information about who is responsible for processing the data, their address, the possibility of exercising rights over the recorded data, and how to obtain more information.

### Expert Advice

Alarm stickers are intended to deter thieves, but they can be counterproductive. Socorro Martín, a home security advisor, notes that in Spain, where many ineffective alarm systems are purchased, it is crucial to have a good security protocol and secure technical elements. An alarm alone is not effective if the physical security of the dwelling is not adequate. In addition, experienced criminals can easily distinguish between fake and real signs, which can render a fake sticker ineffective and even counterproductive.

In conclusion, if you decide to place an alarm sticker without having the system installed, make sure it is generic to avoid legal problems. However, experts recommend not relying solely on these deterrent methods and opting for a combination of good security practices and effective systems.

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