10 ideas for decorating with pom-poms (Part 2)

Decorating with pom-poms is an easy and cheap idea for making your home look beautiful. That’s why we bring here some tips that will also help you to use rests of fabric, rope, wool or paper.

You can make pom-poms in different sizes to decorate different places. Here you have the second part of the ideas to make your home look great.

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Ideas for decorating with pom-poms

  1. Decorate mitts: It is a great idea to decorate them with two little pom-poms. Just sew them to both mitts and they will look great. You can use them to decorate you mitts or to make some gifts; they look especially good in baby mitts.
  2. Make curtains: Curtains can be made with many different materials apart from the classic fabric. You can make some garlands with the pom-poms and then attach them to the ceiling vertically. If you attach them first to a piece of wood and then to the ceiling or to a door, you’ll be able to take them off and on whenever you want.
  3. Make bookmarks: if you love reading or you know someone who loves it, you can make him a beautiful present. You just have to decorate a piece of cardboard and then attach a pom-pom on the top. The bookmark will look gorgeous!
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  1. Make a key-chain: you can make a pom-pom with your favorite material (wool, rubber, felt, etc.). Then, make a braid and sew it to the pom-pom. Finally, hook up a ring to hang the keys.
  2. Christmas pom-poms: it is a great idea using these balls to decorate our Christmas tree. You just have to make the pom-pom and use a rope to put in on the tree.

These are our ideas for decorating with pom-poms. If you have more ideas please share them with us!

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