Decorating the living room with flowers

Flowers for decorating are a very recurrent element. From bouquets and garlands to vases with aromatic flowers to create natural air fresheners. Flowers are the perfect decoration since we can choose among a huge amount of colours, forms and scents. For example, lavender is great for freshening the air in our bathroom and for having a sweet scent in our wardrobes if we prepare small bags with lavender inside. Moreover, flowers give a green touch to your home and they will move you closer to nature!

Today, we want to share a gorgeous gallery of flowers decoration for your living room. This one is perfect for living rooms decorated with wood since the pastel tones make an ideal contrast with it. But you can always choose your favourites colours and flowers to decorate your living room or other rooms, there are plenty of possibilities!


This pastel hydrangea decoration creates a romantic and sweet environment that would even be perfect for a weeding decoration. However, depending on the flowers and the colours you can create different styles. For a minimalist black and white living room, for example, you could choose some vivid colours like red or dark pink for getting a superb contrast.

We hope you liked this ideas to decorate your room, you can share your own decorations with flowers with us in the comments or in our Facebook page!

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