Cutlery is not just for eating

Today we have one idea for decorating your kitchen on a budget. You just need forks, spoons or the pieces of cutlery you don’t use.

The first idea is just using old forks and spoons and painting them. You can use them on a canvas or as in the picture below, on an old frame. You just have to paint the frame on the same color you have painted the forks and spoons and then use some fabric to cover the base of the frame. It will look awesome in classic kitchens and it will give them a different look.

Kitchen Cutlery 1
Source: Pinterest

The second idea is just organizing your kitchen tools in a fancy way in order to have them handy and to make your kitchen look more beautiful

Kitchen cutlery 2
Source: Pinterest

The idea for the most modern ones is using the first idea with brighter colors and a stamped fabric.

Kitchen Cutlery 3
Source: Pinterest

You can also use a canvas to paint easy pictures of kitchen tools like the ones on the picture below.

Kitchen Cutlery 4
Source: Pinterest

The last idea is using nail polish for decorating wooden kitchen tools. You can paint them on one color or make different color combinations as in the picture.

Kitchen Cutlery 5
Source: Pinterest

As you have seen, there are millions of original ideas for decorating your kitchen. This is just the first one but if you keep reading us, we will help you to decorate your home so that it looks more beautiful than ever!

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