10 ideas for inspiring your party decorations this summer

Good weather is coming and there’s nothing better than holding a party outdoors. The terrace, the garden or a close park are ideal spaces for doing so. That’s why, today, we want to share with you some inspiring ideas for your party decorations this summer. With some creativity and inspiration, your parties will be just perfect!

Cones decorated with flowers


Make this cute cones decorated with flowers for surprising your guests with a lovely party decoration.

You can learn how to make cones in the following link: ohhappyday.com

Put a lemonade stand


This a very healthy and refreshing idea which both children and adults will love! It’s beautiful, fun and tasty and it’s a great option for summer party decorations. The example in the picture above is from the blog Hostess with the Mostess.

Fresh and beautiful drinks


Forget about portable fridges and look for a bucket. Fill the bucket with blocks of ice and design a beautiful posters for indicating where the drinks are. This idea is from the blog A field jorunal.

Summer party invitations


Is there something more summer like and more original than designing ice cream shape invitations? The picture is from the blog Designsponge.com. Take advantage of your creativity and the style of the party, and design your own ice cream invitations!

Water balloons war


This is a classical game that both children and adults like. Prepare your water balloons for having fun at the same time you refresh yourself. If you want, you can choose colours that fit your party decoration. You’ll see that this game is a success as it is in the blog Catchmyparty.com

Decorated bottles


This is a beautiful option for decorating drinks. You’ll just need some crystal bottles and some labels for indicating the drinks inside of them. It’s a good idea for creating your own DIY designs for the bottles proposed by Eatdrinkchic.com

Decorated straws


One more DIY activity for enjoying the preparation of your party and creating a gorgeous decoration at the same time. This idea suggested by Circusberry.com is an original way of introducing decorative elements in a party.

Pennants for decorating your party decorations


A fantastic idea for decorating your parties this summer. You can use paper or fabrics to create beautiful pennants as the ones in the picture from Theguardian.

Happy messages


Cheer up your guests with lovely and happy messages around the party. You can create beautiful and fun messages like the one by Bekentenissenvaneenzoetekauw.nl

Combine all the elements


Choose different decorative elements that can be combined. You can mix colours and textures that fit well together and create a unique and fun concept like the one proposed by Erickelleyphotography.com

What do you think about these ideas for summer party decorations? We’d love find out more about party decorations, so feel free to share your own party decorations with us in the comments or in our Facebook page.

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