11 wonderful architectural elements of Gaudi modernism

Antoni Gaudi is modernist artist from the 19th and 20th century and one of the most representative artists of the Catalan modernism. You may already know some of their creations, such as the sublime temple of La Sagrada Familia or the curious and original Park Güell. Today, we want to share with you a selection of 11 wonderful architectural elements of Gaudi modernism.

Gaudi’s artworks are full of originality, creativity and imagination. He inspired himself in nature and created truly wonders of architecture. That’s why we can’t help to remember some unique architectural elements of Gaudi modernism. His talent for creating the most beautiful mosaics is impressive. Moreover, we find that he uses this technique for decorating any kind of elements.

However, the mosaic technique is not the only characteristic element of his architecture. The artworks that he created just with simple stone are also impressive. That is the case of the Casa Milà, which is also known as La Pedrera. He built a gorgeous and magnificent house where, in contrast to the colourful mosaics of La Casa Batlló, stone was the main character. The most wonderful architectural elements of the exterior decoration of La Pedrera are probably the chess pieces carefully designed by Gaudi that are placed on the terrace.

Roof decorated with mosaics at Park Güell (Barcelona)

Parc Güell Mosaic Roof

Eucharisty symbol at La Sagrada Familia (Barcelona)

Gaudi_elements_eucharisty_symbolSource: archdaily

Chess at La Pedrera (Barcelona)


Roof of La Sagrada Familia (Barcelona)

Gaudi_elements_roof_Sagrada_FamiliaSource: meherbabatravels

El Capricho (Comillas)

Source: beautiful-portals

Horse at La Sagrada Familia (Barcelona)


Window of La Torre Bellesguard (Figueres)

Gaudi_elements_window_Torre_BellesguardSource: lamevabarcelona

Benches of Park Güell (Barcelona)

Gaudi_elements_Benches_of_the_Parc_GuellSource: laubergeespagnole

Corridor of La Casa Batlló (Barcelona)


Chandelier at La Casa Batlló (Barcelona)


Source: Pixabay

Casa Batlló window (Barcelona)

Gaudi_elements_window_casa_batlloSource: architecturia

As you can see in this small selection of architectural elements of Gaudi modernism, the artwork of this artist is truly original and extraordinary. You can visit most of his architectural work in Barcelona, but you’ll also find some of his artworks in other cities such as Figueres. Have you already visited some of Gaudi’s buildings?

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