Kids’ bedrooms decorated with Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style is very convenient in kids’ bedrooms because they tend to be small and this style gives light and a relaxed ambience.

Here you have some examples of kids’ bedrooms that can give you an idea of how they can look in your home. If y have thought about this style for your kids’ bedroom you’re totally right! This style will give the room tranquility, beauty and delicacy.

Look for a place to put the of your Moses basket baby


Wood and white are the main characters of this room. You can put a Moses basket in the room to sway your baby while he or she is trying to fall asleep. If you are looking about adding some color, choose a funny rug!

A good place to rest


Your baby’s bedroom should be comfortable both for the baby and for the parents. In this case, it is a good idea to put a place to rest that is close to the crib. In this photo you can see an awesome wooden sofa that complemented with some childish ornaments can make the bedroom look as good as this one.

Funny games on the floor!


You already know that white and wood are the main elements of Scandinavian décor, but you can add light color touches like in this example. Cushions, toys, textiles or rugs like this one. It looks really good and it is a good place to let your kids play.

Beautiful white bedroom


This is the perfect example for a teenager’s bedroom using Scandinavian style. Light colors like white and beige and simple lines combine perfectly in the example. The bed is really useful because you can find storage place in it.

If you are looking for something more colorful you can add some colors in the textiles.

White and pink bedroom


In this bedroom we can see that one wall is painted in pink with some clouds in white. This creates a lovely ambience that I really like. White furniture fit perfectly with all the decoration.

To make this bedroom a happier place, they have decided to put some colorful garlands and curtains as you can see. The shelves in green and pink look awesome and they serve to put books or toys.

White and red bedroom


In the most modern option of Nordic décor you can ass some colors (without losing the basic style). In this case you can see a wall filled with flowers.

In the center of the room you can see a beautiful childish green rug.  The room is really big so maybe they could have chosen big curtains to complement de decoration.

What do you think of these bedrooms? Would you use Scandinavian décor for your kids?

Via: Decoración Sueca

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