Rooms of Ikea 2016 catalogue

The amazing Ikea 2016 catalogue is already here! As always, it is full of ideas, inspiration and new awesome pieces of furniture. Ikea is always a good option, and they want to prove it every year.

When I receive my catalogue at home it is like a party day! I love to read every page,  see what’s new and see the beautiful combinations their designers create.


This year IKEA has bet on spaces like the Kitchen or the Living-room with new and original spaces that everyone would love to have.

Elegant classic bedrooms


In the new catalogue you’ll find the bed structure UNDREDAL with a matching wardrobe. It is the perfect option for an elegant navy bedroom. You can combine they with some paintings in your wall. If you pick a modern lamp you can create something as special as the room in the picture

A bedroom for your kids


Your kids’ bedroom may be really difficult to decorate. They change really quickly and when they have to share the bedroom, the problem is double. You have to think about it well so that they have their own space.

In this case we can see an upper bed  (STUVA) with a little office and a wardrobe and another individual bedroom. In that way, although they share space, they have enough place for themselves.

An office in your home


The last idea from the new IKEA catalogue we bring here today is how to turn a room into an office.  Nowadays it is really common to work at home and you can be much more productive if you have the right decoration around you. This minimalistic and simple decoration is an example of that. It has a lot of storage space to have everything under control

If you like these ideas, you should go and take a look at the new catalogue, they have much more ideas that can be really useful.

What do you thing about these ideas? What about the new catalogue?

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