12 architectural marvels that everyone should visit

We can find across the world different architectural marvels that are worth to admire at least once in our lives. As not everyone can visit them, today we bring you the opportunity to visit them through your computer.


With the pass of time and the different cultures that have lived throughout the world different forms of architecture, buildings and natural marvels have appeared. If you want to know some of them, keep reading!

Snatorini, Grece


Piano House, Chinamarvel2
Wat Rong Khun, Thailandmarvel3
Loto temple, Indiamarvel4
Taj Mahal, Indiamarvel5
Mosque Nasr ol Molk, Iranmarvel6
Sagrada familia, Barcelonamarvel7
Machu Picchu, Perumarvel8
Parliament building, Hungarymarvel9
Palace ideal by Ferdinand Cheval, Francemarvel10
Capital Gate, Abu Dhabi
Prambanan temple, Indonesiamarvel12

Via: Arquitecturaideal


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