15 original ideas for making your own DIY candles

Do you like small details? Then, you may like these 15 original ideas for making your own DIY candles. These DIY candles are perfect for decorating your favourite spaces at home and they’ll provide a creative and personal touch to your decoration.

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There are many ideas you can use for making your own DIY candles and lighting your spaces with personal crafts. With these original ideas, you’ll be able to decorate your spaces for your daily life of for any party or event you’re holding at your home.

Do you like vintage decorative elements?

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If you like vintage style, these candles made with tea cups are ideal for you. They’ll look wonderfully decorating your favourite spaces at home. You should pour paraffin into half of the cup and place a wick. After that, you can add the rest of the paraffin and leaving it cool.

Natural candles

make-DIY-candles3Source: Guillermo Viciano

You can be really creative and add paraffin into empty fruits with had peel such as a pineapple or an orange. As you can see the picture, you can create original DIY candles cutting and emptying fruits.

Ice candles!

make-DIY-candles4Source: hellonatural

You can recycle remains of other candles you already have and create ice candles! Have you ever tried to do so? Never is too late and it’s a fantastic idea for recycling old candles. As final result, you’ll get different and interesting textures.

Reuse the egg’s shells

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This idea is one of the most original ones for creating DIY candles. You can decorate the egg’s shell as in the picture above and create beautiful candles for your home decoration.

Recycle your crystal pots

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Do you like scented candles?

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You can also create delicious scents with vanilla, coffee or the scent your like the most. It’s a good way of freshening the air.

Candles that reminds to the woods in Autumn

make-DIY-candles8Source: etsy

As we’ve mentioned before about the fruits, you can also create DIY candles with walnuts, acorns, etc. Choose the ones you like the most and fill them with paraffin or soya wax, and use a wick for completing the craft.

Recycle the cork of your wine bottles

make-DIY-candles9Source: asubtlerevelry

This can be an original craft for recycling the corks of your wine bottles!

Paint your candles!

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An idea for reusing small candles

make-DIY-candles12Source: asubtlerevelry

Decorating with thin little candles

make-DIY-candles13Source: asubtlerevelry

These original DIY candles for decorating your desserts in special occasions are cute and creative. You can use straws to support the small candles.

Portable candles

make-DIY-candles14Source: forthemakers

Candles made of beeswax

make-DIY-candles15Source: ohhappyday

This kind of candles can be placed individually or in a group with a decorative lace. This type of wax provides a soft honey scent. These candles are specially decorative and you can find different sizes and thicknesses.

make-DIY-candles16Source: ohhappyday

You can buy beeswax candles or you can make them yourself at home. You can buy beeswax panels and roll them around a wick, as you can see in the pictures above.

Candles are a classical element for providing a cozy and romantic lighting. And also for decorating different spaces at home, from the bathroom to the living room. So, if you’re thinking about decorating your house with candles, you may also like creating your own DIY candles to give a personal touch to your decoration.

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