How to make your nail polish look like a work of art

Today we want to show you something different. We have already shown you something about nail polish. I personally love to paint my nails on summer so why not to decorate them in a stylish way?

But today’s post isn’t about that. It is more dedicated to your decoration, but not on your nails but on your home.

Painting your nails is a very relaxing activity. It is even better if you create a pleasant atmosphere with a big sofa, ample spaces and a delicate décor.

The only clear thing is that it won’t be a relaxing place if everything is a mess, that’s why we are here to help you. We bring here today some ideas to organize your nail polish so that they contribute to make your decorating even more beautiful and make you easier the task of organizing them.

Here you have some ideas that can help to inspire you.

Golden triangle structure

nail polish 2

Romantic white framenail polish 3
Zig-zag backgroundnail polish 4
Red little shelvesnail polish 5
Minimalistic shelvesnail polish 6
Show your huge collectionnail polish1

Hope you liked the article.

Pictures: Pinterest

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