20 DIY Bed Headboards You Can Make

The headboard of the bed is an element that we don’t pay too much attention to when choosing the bed and bedroom decoration. But once it’s finished we realize that it becomes one of the protagonists. Below we show you some homemade headboards that you can make.

Homemade upholstered headboards

cabeceros caseros azules
source: textilsucht

Building your own headboard is not complicated at all and it allows you to choose from endless compositions. The construction system can be adapted to any shape and you can cover it with the fabric that you like the most. You can make the headboard of a single piece or make a composition of elements covered with different fabrics.

Use a DM board between ½ and 1 cm thick as the base. Draw the measurements or shape you want and cut it out. Cover the board with foam to give it body and make it soft. Fold the edges and staple it on the back. Afterwards cover the back with the fabric. To stiffen it, nail some 2x2cm wooden strips on the back as if it were a picture frame. This will keep the back separated from the wall and you can install LED lights in the gap.

cabeceros caseros negros
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To give it a quilted finish, draw a grid on the back and drill through it. (Some boards come with a grid of holes already). Once it is upholstered, pass a needle through the hole and place a button at each end. Pull the thread tight and it will give you the desired quilted shape.

cabeceros caseros blancos
source: bawashopping

Decorative scene

cabeceros caseros murales
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An attractive and easy option is to turn the back wall of the bed into an artistic mural. The whole wall will be an impressive headboard on which you can display a beautiful image of your choice. For this you can use wallpaper or adhesive vinyls on which you can print a landscape, a painting or a photograph. The effect is spectacular.

Woven Wooden Slat Headboard

cabeceros caseros de láminas de madera trenzada
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If on the other hand you prefer to build a more natural headboard, use noble woods or sheets. These are used to cover furniture and with them you can compose a braided design with vertical and horizontal bands.

cabeceros caseros trenzados
source: nashidoma

Stiffen the back of the headboard with wooden slats like in the upholstered ones that will also serve to hang the headboard on the wall.

False ceiling plates

cabeceros caseros - Placas falso techo
source: homesthetics

A very useful material to make homemade headboards with infinite textures and shapes are the panels used for false ceilings. They come in sheets and you can find them in polystyrene, gypsum and metal. To assemble them, cut a DM panel with the shape and design of your headboard and stick the panels on it.

cabeceros caseros pintados
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Give them your personal touch by painting them in color or with paints that imitate wood and you will get a headboard as if it were an arched ceiling. Silver or gold paints will give it an attractive metallic effect.

Retrieve a mirror as a headboard

cabeceros caseros con espejos
source: interior idea

If you have or find an old mirror with the right size, think that it can be transformed into your new dressing table. It will create an effect of amplitude and luminosity in the bedroom and it will become the pole of the decoration.

cabeceros caseros - composiciones de espejos
source: phillip jeffries

Retrieve the frame and treat it with the finish of your choice. You can also place a lattice stuck in front of the mirror that will highlight its volume. Find one that you like or make it yourself with boards and wooden slats that you can bend into vegetal shapes.

Recycle objects that you like

cabeceros caseros con remos
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If you are a fan of rowing, or any other activity, you can get related objects and make a themed headboard. Create a composition that you like, treat the finishes and create a support to join and fix them to the wall.

cabeceros caseros de mimbre
source: alfredo junior

In this other example, wicker nesting tables have been used in a fan shape. Anything can work; use your imagination.

cabeceros caseros con puertas recicladas
source: kenhphunu

Recovering old solid or Mallorquin doors is another option that offers attractive results. Decorate them to your liking with varnishes that highlight the wood, treatments that age it or with your favorite color.

cabeceros caseros con biombos
source: moelmoel

You can also use a folding screen like in this case painted white.

Weave baskets with wooden or wicker strips

cabeceros caseros de madera
source: freshouse

Another great resource for making homemade headboards are wooden or wicker slats. With them you can assemble a panel with the look of a tatami. Glue the wooden or wicker slats in a checkerboard pattern on the back. Alternating the direction of the slats will give you the tatami effect. Finish the edges with a wicker frame that can also serve as legs for the headboard.

cabeceros caseros con laminado madera
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You can also use laminated parquet modules and compose a paneled wooden back, complicating the shape as much as you want.


cabeceros caseros con textiles
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A simple way to build attractive and original homemade headboards is to use conventional curtains. It requires very little DIY and, choosing a good composition of fabrics and support bars, gives an elegant result.

cabeceros caseros con cortinas
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Choose the style you prefer and like the most and easily you will have a personalized headboard that you can also change without any difficulty.

Wood slat and shelf frame

cabeceros caseros con listones madera clara
source: woman to woman diy

Coming up with homemade headboards seems to be interesting to design one that meets all needs. This headboard, in addition to being decorative, incorporates shelves to fit your needs. You can even extend it and set up shelves as a bedside table.

You only need two solid wooden square boards as support and legs of the headboard, some boards and the shelves you need. Nail the boards on the legs that will be in the back, separating them in thickness from the shelves. Once finished, insert the shelves between the boards forming your custom composition.

Headboard Pallets

cabeceros caseros de palets
source: ecodeco mobiliario

As you have surely seen on numerous occasions, with some recovered pallets you can make any furniture you can imagine. Take advantage of its structure and compose with the boards the shape that best fits your bedroom and needs. As you can see in these examples, the possibilities are endless.

Which one did you like best of these homemade headboards? I hope you find the solution for the one you were dreaming of for your room.

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