How to create a nature-inspired bedroom

Stress, running around all day, modern life makes you want to feel peace and tranquility when you get home, which is often lacking. The problem is that if you live alone, you can find that anywhere in the house; but if you live with a partner or children, you can only find that desired peace in the bedroom.

That’s why these spaces become peaceful havens where you prevent problems from going to bed with you. And among the many ways to decorate it, today we want to give you the keys to create a nature-inspired rest area. Wouldn’t you like to be surrounded by a forest and smell the freshness of plants? Well, you can easily do that. How? We explain it below.

The importance of connecting with nature

dormitorio naturaleza

You may be thinking right now that having plants in the room where you sleep is the worst thing you can do. And until not so long ago, that was true. Or rather, that’s what people thought. However, nowadays we know that connecting with nature is important for our well-being and health.

Having a room full of nature, whether on the walls, with plants, or with other elements that we will see below, allows us to reduce stress, improve concentration, increase creativity, and promote better physical and mental health.

That’s why we highly recommend that you give this decoration a chance. Because not only will you have an original and creative effect in your home, but you will also feel it from within.

Nature-inspired colors for your bedroom

One of the first aspects to consider when decorating your nature-inspired room has to do with the choice of colors. As you know, and if we haven’t told you right now, colors affect our mood.

So, if we are talking about a bedroom, and we also want to achieve that feeling of calmness and serenity, the best colors to use are the following:

  • Green: Basically, it is the color of nature. So using soft greens on the walls or on the bedding will make it connect with nature.
  • Blue: We associate blue with water and the sky, or, in the case of nature, with lighting and irrigation. So using it in a nature-inspired bedroom is almost mandatory. You can even combine it with some touches of white.
  • Brown: Finally, we have brown, related to the earth and wood. This would be ideal for furniture or a wooden floor. But not directly for the walls.

Nevertheless, you can always create a mural or illustration on one of the walls. For example, a drawing of a forest, a path full of vegetation, an arch with depth as if you were passing under the trees…

Natural materials

As we mentioned before, the furniture should have a brown color. But, related to this, you can choose materials such as wood, wicker, rattan…

Regarding bedding, linen or cotton would be the most suitable for this decoration.

Plants and natural elements

There is no doubt that if you want a nature-inspired bedroom, you have to add live plants. And the ones we highly recommend are the purifying ones, that is, those that clean the air and help you sleep better, have a better night’s rest, and feel more rested.

Which plants can we recommend? Well, ficus, succulents, lavender, calatheas, or maranthas…

dormitorio naturaleza

Natural lighting

Although this room is mainly used for sleeping, that doesn’t mean you can’t be in it during the day. Or rest at any time.

In this case, the best light for your space is natural light, which will recharge your energy, while the rest of the elements benefit from its light.

At night, opt for soft lighting. That means, beyond a ceiling lamp, a table lamp that provides warm and more diffused light to create an atmosphere of tranquility is more advisable.

Natural fragrances

Finally, we want to talk to you about fragrances in your bedroom. Because decorating it following nature doesn’t make you feel like you’re in a forest or surrounded by plants. Unless you “fool” your sense of smell.

In the market, there are many scented candles with fresh and relaxing fragrances. But you also have essential oils. Using an air freshener with nature-inspired scents will help you feel more connected to nature.

There is no doubt that creating a nature-inspired bedroom is a wonderful way to transform your space into a serene refuge that promotes calmness and well-being. Would you dare to do it in your home? Can you think of more ideas?

Source: MiMub in Spanish

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