20 hotels designed by Lázaro Rosa Violán ¡that will fascinate you!

Would you like to spend your next holidays in an amazing hotel? Lázaro Rosa Violán will surprise you with his flashy hotels around the world.

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Do you like traveling? Take a look to these 20 hotels designed by Lázaro Rosa Violán. We wouldn’t mind to spend our holidays in one of them, what do you think?

Who’s Lázaro Rosa Violán?

His brand is in many decoration projects. Mainly in Spain (Madrid and Barcelona), you can see a lot of superb hotels designed by Lázaro Rosa Violán. He found the key for success after a lot of hard work. Since he was a little boy (8 years old), Lázaro Rosa Violán already went to Arts courses as unregistered student. Soon, he started to pay attention to buildings and their interior décor caught his attention. This designer takes his cultural knowledge got while traveling to many places as an inspiration for creating his designs.

Lázaro Rosa Violán has a huge study where he can create his projects for hotels and also restaurants. He doesn’t follow any trends, neither he ignores them. He just creates marvelous mixtures. As curious data, Lázaro Rosa Violán created his first project in Ibiza in 1990. This work awarded him with his good reputation as an interior designer to the date.

Would you like to see some hotels designed by Lázaro Rosa Violán?

Here you can get to know the most representative ones. All of them have something that makes them special. And, as every artists, Lázaro Rosa Violán always use some similar details in every of his works. For example, materials such as wood or crystal are very common in his hotels. As well as, white and turquoise blue.

Kerem room mate

Lazaro-Rosa-Violan-hotel-1Source: lazarorosaviolan

Gorgeous hotel situated in Istanbul (Turkey). You can see different interior decors in these three photos. As you can see, wood, crystal and turquoise blue are very present.

Room mate emir suites

Lazaro-Rosa-Violan-hotel-2Source: lazarorosaviolan

Hotel located in Beyoglu (Turkey). It’s simpler but very glamorous. It has a great lighting thanks to its wide windows.

Hotel Palais de L’ Ô

Lazaro-Rosa-Violan-hotel-3Source: lazarorosaviolan

Hotel located in Marrakech (Morocco). Plants are essential to the decoration. The typical doors and windows create a special environment.

Hotel H10 Duque de Loulé

Lazaro-Rosa-Violan-hotel-4Source: lazarorosaviolan

Hotel situated in Lisbon (Portugal).

Hotel H10 Villa de la Reina

Lazaro-Rosa-Violan-hotel-5Source: lazarorosaviolan

Hotel located in Madrid (Spain).

Hotel Magazine

Lazaro-Rosa-Violan-hotel-6Source: lazarorosaviolan

Hotel located in Barcelona (Spain).

Cotton house hotel

Lazaro-Rosa-Violan-hotel-7Source: lazarorosaviolan

Hotel located in Barcelona (Spain).

Hotel H10 Las Palmeras

Lazaro-Rosa-Violan-hotel-8Source: lazarorosaviolan

Sophisticated hotel situated in Playa de la Américas, en Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain).

Hotel H10 Timanfaya Palace

Lazaro-Rosa-Violan-hotel-9Source: lazarorosaviolan

Hotel located in Playa Blanca, de Lanzarote (Canary Islands, Spain).

Ofelias hotel

Lazaro-Rosa-Violan-hotel-10Source: lazarorosaviolan

Hotel located in Barcelona (Spain).

Hotel Fare

Lazaro-Rosa-Violan-hotel-11Source: lazarorosaviolan

Hotel located in Barcelona (Spain). Wonderful!

Hotel H10 Playa Esmeralda

Lazaro-Rosa-Violan-hotel-12Source: lazarorosaviolan

Hotel located in Costa Calma, Fuerteventura (Canary Islands, Spain).

Hotel Praktik Bakery

Lazaro-Rosa-Violan-hotel-13Source: lazarorosaviolan

Hotel located in Barcelona (Spain).

Hotel Praktik Vinoteca

Lazaro-Rosa-Violan-hotel-14Source: homedit

Hotel located in Barcelona (Spain).

Hotel H10 Montcada

Lazaro-Rosa-Violan-hotel-15Source: lazarorosaviolan

Hotel located in Barcelona (Spain).

Hotel H10 Catalunya Plaza

Lazaro-Rosa-Violan-hotel-16Source: lazarorosaviolan

Hotel located in Barcelona (Spain).

Restaurante Petit Komité

Lazaro-Rosa-Violan-hotel-17Source: lazarorosaviolan

Hotel located in Bilbao (Spain).

Hotel H10 Big Sur

Lazaro-Rosa-Violan-hotel-18Source: lazarorosaviolan

Hotel located in Los Cristianos, Tenerife (Spain).

Hotel H10 Metropolitan

Lazaro-Rosa-Violan-hotel-19Source: lazarorosaviolan

Hotel located in Barcelona (Spain).

PGA Catalunya Resort

Lazaro-Rosa-Violan-hotel-20Source: lazarorosaviolan

Hotel located in Caldes de Malavella (Spain) where you’ll be able to enjoy a lot of activities.

This excellent designer has succeeded in a short period of time, his interior designs have an odd and gorgeous style. Have you ever been in one of his hotels? What do you think? Are you thinking about discovering these beautiful creations by Lázaro Rosa Violán? Share your opinions with us!

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