DIY cactus

Today we will share with you some awesome ideas to make your own cactus. You may be asking yourself…. But how? It’s easy, with some imagination you can make your own “fake” cactus to have some funny and colorful decoration that does not require any care.

We think that his craft would look really well in your kids’ bedroom, but you can adapt it to almost every space playing with different color combinations.

There are even some ideas that you can do together with your kids so that they contribute to their own bedroom décor.

Do you want to know the ideas we have picked up for you? Here they are!

Stones cactus

The first idea is using stones to form your cactus. You to find stones in different sizes, a flowerpot, green and white paint and a brush.

You have the step to follow on the image below.

This is a great idea for using outdoor, it is resistant and it will look as a real one.

cactus 1

Easy paper cactus

We have two ideas for making cactus with paper or cardboard. This first one is the easy one. You can do it with your kids or even let your kids do themselves if you cut them the pieces.  You just need cardboard, glue and scissors.

This one cannot be place outdoor because of the material in which it is made, but it is a great idea for giving a cute appearance to your kids’ bedroom.

cactus 2

Difficult paper cactus

The next idea is the difficult one and you need some patience to cut and paint the papers. It looks amazing in spaces like kitchens or living-rooms. It is a great idea for places in which you cannot put plants because of the lack of light.

cactus 3

Crochet cactus

For this one you must be an expert in crochet and it is maybe the most difficult one. The good thing is that it is really resistant and it looks amazing in every space because they look like real ones.

You can combine different sizes and make them in colors that match the space in which you are going to place them.

You can find a lot of different versions an ideas on internet to inspire you, here you have some

cactus 4

Wooden cactus

The last idea we are showing you. This one is also perfect to make with kids and for kids.  I love the idea of using cans as flowerpots. You can also use that idea in the other DIY cactus.

This idea is the best if you want to make a big cactus because it is easy and resistant and you can cut the pieces just in the shape you want.

cactus 5

Hope you liked these ideas.

Pictures: Pinterest

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