20 ideas for creating a vertical garden

A vertical garden is a great idea if you are lack of space and it’s a gorgeous decoration! Today, we bring you 20 ideas for creating a vertical garden. We hope they inspire your imagination…

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Create your own flowerpots

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You just need some felt, your favorite colors and you can create small flowerpots for your plants. With that, you’ll just need to attach them to some structure and they can be the perfect decoration for a party!

A wreath made with succulent plants

vertical-garden-3Source: ourfairfieldhomeandgarden

Create a garland or wreath with succulent plants and hang it on a wall, a door or anywhere you like. This type of plants is quite long lasting, but you can use any other plants you like.

Vertical garden for your entrance decoration

vertical-garden-4Source: myurbio

A vertical garden with recycled flowerpots

vertical-garden-5Source: notjustahousewife

Recycle crystal pots you have at home and create gorgeous flowerpots. Once you have them cleaned, fill them with substrate and create a fantastic vertical garden easily. No doubt, it’s a completely green handcraft.

Decorating with letters

vertical-garden-6Source: houseandfig

With some imagination, you can create an original and unique decoration with plants and flowers.

Pallets for decorating your vertical garden

vertical-garden-7Source: secondchancetodream

These wood boxes are ideal for hanging flowerpots. Sand the pallets, paint them if you want and attach them to the wall. Then, you’ll have a super support for your vertical garden.

Artistic frames for decorating walls

vertical-garden-8Source: brit.co

This is a very creative way of decorating your garden. Combine colors, create beautiful shapes with your plants and even mix different materials; the results can be wonderful.

Small terraces or balconies

vertical-garden-9Source: apartmenttherapy

Creating a vertical garden in a small terrace is a great idea because you can liven up the space without taking up much space.

Other idea with succulent plants

vertical-garden-10Source: bhg.com

Vertical garden next to the window


A natural façade

vertical-garden-12Source: Lig Ynnek

You can create gorgeous designs like this one with climbing plants such as ivy.

Still life outdoors

vertical-garden-13Source: Gonzalo Malpartida

If you like drawing and painting, this can be a creative idea for letting your imagination fly.

A garden in your bathroom

vertical-garden-14Source: Christine und Hagen Graf

Fern, for example, is a superb plant for bathrooms, since it bears humidity really well.

Vegetative details

vertical-garden-15Source: Rob Deutscher

If you think a completely green façade is too much, you can also opt for adding just some vegetative details and you’ll have a nice vertical graden.

Vegetative wall for your vertical garden

vertical-garden-16Source: Chris Hunkeler

Take advantage of old windows and color your walls

vertical-garden-17Source: Mike Linksvayer 

Do you like tesserae?

vertical-garden-18Source: The Blue Girl

These beautiful tiles look great decorated with grass.

Vegetative decoration for your stairs

vertical-garden-19Source: José Sáez

Decorate walls with almost horizontal flowerpots

vertical-garden-20Source: Brian Johnson & Dane

This is a good idea for more spacious houses.

A natural door

vertical-garden-21Source: Rexness

Place your vertical garden on the door. It’s a great idea for making your home look unique. 

With these ideas for creating a vertical garden, you have no excuse! They don’t take much space and they provide your home with a cozy and green environment! We hope you liked this collection of vertical gardens. You can share more ideas with us in the comments or in our Facebook page.

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