Ikea hacks: Tables

Nowadays you don’t need to have a big Budget to have a great decor. Ikea is a furniture distributor that can help us to achieve this objective.

They sell awesome furniture, but the problem is that sometimes all the furniture looks the same or it can also happen that it doesn’t fit your home décor.

If you want your table fit your décor you don’t need a big budget, but big ideas.

Today we bring here some ideas to make inexpensive furniture look more modern and beautiful. Ideas to customize the tables and make them fit better your décor.

If you want to have a great piece of furniture easily and cheaply, keep reading.

Idea 1

ikea hack table 1

The first idea is using a stool and a piece of wood to make a beautiful little desk. Apart from that you also need a good adhesive material. Stick the piece of wood to the stool and that’s all. You’ve made an ugly stool look like a very beautiful little table. It will look great in modern or eco decorations.

Idea 2

ikea hack table 2

Take the classical ikea tables and cover tha upper part with wood. If you have other wood ornaments it will make this little tables integrate in your decor perfectly.

Idea 3

ikea hack table 3Paint the table in a bright color. It will look as an expensive designer piece of furniture and it will look your home decor perfectly.

Idea 4

ikea hack table 6

If you don’t have time to paint the table, then use washi tape. It is clean, fast and cheap.

Idea 5

ikea hack table 4

Gold paint makes this table look awesome. Don’t you think so?

Did you like these ideas?

Pictures: Pinterest


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