25 DIY wood projects

I’m sure that if you like handcrafting and DIY  you have used Wood to make some of your projects. Today we bring here some ideas or projects you can do with wood to decorate your home. They are easy to do and  although they are simple they can contribute to your home decoration. You have a lot of different projects, from simple ones to other ones a bit more difficult.

Do you like DIY? Have you ever used wood for your projects?

SImple wine rack

DIY wood 1


Wooden little boxes

DIY wood 2

Rustic pencil holder

DIY wood 3

Wooden bracelets

DIY wood 4

Outdoor frame

DIY wood 5

Jewelry hanger

DIY wood 6


DIY wood 7

Small table

DIY wood 8

Pallets table and chairs

DIY wood 9

Wood and mirror composition

DIY wood 10

Decorated wood spoons

DIY wood 11


DIY wood 12


DIY wood 13


DIY wood 14

Photo in wood

DIY wood 15

Candle holder

DIY wood 16


DIY wood 17

Little houses for kids

DIY wood 18

Branch picture

DIY wood 19

Cake stand

DIY wood 20


DIY wood 21

Floor mat

DIY wood 22

Wood vase

DIY wood 23


DIY wood 24

Clothes rack
DIY wood 25

Via: Dominio Mundial


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