Mixing styles in your living room

Combining styles can be daring, but it can also be a wise choice if we have into account some necessary aspects. Mixing styles with colors, furniture, materials, etc. can be an odyssey if you don’t have an interior designer that helps you or someone that advice you.

If you don’t take a chance, you won’t know if it’s what you like. Moreover, experience is also helpful and in the end your intuition won’t let you down. Today, we want to provide you some easy advices to increase your confidence so that you can keep decorating and mixing styles not worrying about getting wrong. Don’t miss anything!

The same range of colors

When mixing styles, a useful and easy trick is keeping the same range of colors. Like this, your sight won’t get distracted with the contrast of tones and you’ll be able to combine furniture with different decorative styles.

Combining colors

On the contrary, you can look for contrast in little details, like introducing a vintage cushion into a modern sofa. Combining colors of different ranges can be a great option to mix style thanks to small decorative elements.


Source: ivoryandaubergine.designshuffle.com

Usual details

It’s quite common that the most little details of a room improve its decoration. For example, you can look for a traditional armchair that fits with a classic style table and a Romantic chairs. Those styles are different, but when you unify them, you can get great results.

Go for a different sofa

If your living room is classic, traditional, baroque, vintage… Try to introduce an original or surprising sofa that has nothing to do with the décor. Moreover, the brighter and flashier it is, the better. The combination of two completely different styles can look marvelous!

Would you dare to mix styles in your living room or other rooms?

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