5 keys that will help you have the perfect wardrobe or closet

The space available in a bedroom is never enough. Because of this, it is important to know how to make the most of the closets or dressing rooms we have at home. The problem is that it is not always easy to achieve this goal, so to make this process easier, Menamobel wanted to share with all of us some tips that can be very interesting.

Efficient organization

Whether it’s a closet or a dressing room, efficient organization is key. According to Ivana González Mena, “the first thing to do is to classify the clothes by type and season. Storing them by categories will make it easier to find them and help prevent unnecessary accumulation.” Therefore, shelves, drawers, and hangers should be used to optimize space and have everything within reach.

Make the most of every corner

The space in a closet or dressing room may be limited, but no corner should be wasted. Shelves or shoe racks that fit into free corners are useful for maximizing vertical space, and adding decorative boxes or baskets to store small accessories helps keep smaller items organized.

Proper lighting

Choosing the right lighting for the closet or dressing room can make a difference in the dressing experience. LED lights highlight and facilitate the visibility of the garments. Placing lights in strategic areas, such as on the top shelves and in the dressing area, will also give a sense of spaciousness to the space.

Maximize space

“If your closet or dressing room is small, it is important to maximize every inch,” explains Ivana González Mena. She suggests using hanging container organizers to take advantage of the door space, as well as using modular shelves that adapt to the needs of each person. In addition, she advises making use of the higher parts of the closet or dressing room to store seasonal items or infrequently used garments.

Personalized decoration

This is also an important aspect to consider. “Incorporating full-length mirrors to check outfits, adding decorative touches such as carpets, cushions, or paintings that reflect your personality,” explains González Mena will help create a pleasant and aesthetically attractive space that will motivate you to keep it organized and functional.

Ultimately, a closet or dressing room can be a valuable investment that improves the organization of any home. At Menamobel, they have a variety of wardrobe options that adapt to any space. With sliding doors, swinging doors, folding doors, corner closets, dressing rooms… to achieve the maximum functionality of any home.

Source: MiMub in Spanish

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