These are the seats that will be a hit in 2024.

With the arrival of the new year, many people decide to take the step to change the decoration of their homes, offices, or workspaces. For the year 2024, armchairs become essential elements. Actiu presents us with those that will set the trend throughout the year.

1.- Nordic styles thanks to OWWI by Arnau & Reuna

These are the armchairs that will be a hit in 2024

If you are passionate about Nordic decoration with functional, simple designs in light tones, this is undoubtedly your ideal armchair. The OWWI armchair, designed by the Arnau Reyna studio, stands out for its aesthetics, versatility, and character. It has dynamic, sinuous shapes with a perimeter edge that sets it apart and gives it character.

This armchair is a trend from its rounded shape to its light tones that manage to give the space a Danish “Hygge” style, based on the warmth and security of the space. Without a doubt, the perfect choice for all those seeking personality and style in 2024.

2.- Gobb by Stone Designs, rounded shapes that adapt to all spaces

These are the armchairs that will be a hit in 2024

Actiu has launched the perfect collection with a simple and direct design for those most faithful to this style of decoration, which is also one of the strong trends for 2024.

GLOBB is a collection inspired by the organic essence and sinuous lines of an elongated balloon designed by the Stone Designs studio. Driven by its geometry, a series of pieces have been created that capture the beauty of its shape and lightness.

Each piece of Globb is designed following fluid and harmonious movements that allow it to adapt to every space.

“The most notable thing about this collection is its ability to come together and form creative combinations, just like the art of balloon twisting. These combinations allow for personalizing each space, creating unique and tailored designs to different individual needs and preferences” – they point out from Actiu.

3.- Industrial Style by Ramón Esteve, the style that never goes out of fashion

These are the armchairs that will be a hit in 2024

This armchair is characterized by careful upholstery work and precision details in joints and unions that allow for a large number of solutions. Its elegant aesthetics is combined with a structure that consolidates and provides stability to the product. The perimeter tube gives distinction and a marked character that singularizes the product and this trend of straight lines is undoubtedly a success this new year.

4.- SMARA by Actiu a boho style that never fails

These are the armchairs that will be a hit in 2024

Nowadays, the boho style refers to a very versatile decoration style where almost anything goes. Opting for different furniture and materials becomes the perfect combination so that in the end the boho style is personal and individual.

If you consider yourself a lover of this style, SMARA will become your best ally.

Inspired by its forms, they have launched a collection of armchairs where comfort, quality, and the softest essence merge with a timeless design that adapts to any space and endures over time.

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