5 trends that will redefine home design in the US.

Interior design is constantly evolving. New trends are published every now and then, considering all kinds of homes and spaces. Among the latest innovations, sustainable materials and smart technology, minimalism, and the integration of natural elements are included. Create natural spaces. The latest trend in organic style is to transform the bathroom into a wellness oasis by merging natural and sustainable elements that provide a unique experience of relaxation and harmony. An example of this is the space presented by Strohm Teka called Organic Flows, which is a simple and aesthetically pleasing bathroom that promotes calmness, inspiration, and physical and emotional well-being through its careful integration of natural pieces.

The collection highlighted in this space is Lavi, awarded with an Honorable Mention at the 2022 European Product Design Awards. This collection is divided into four areas: sinks, bathtub, shower, and toilet/bidet, and is characterized by its careful design that seeks to integrate natural elements in each piece to create a relaxing and wellness environment in the bathroom. The bathroom is a space that connects us with the nature and harmony of the home. In this case, the specially designed oak wood furniture blends with solid mineral sinks and white faucets with wooden details. The bathtub, with its smooth texture and matte finish, made of solid mineral, provides an aesthetic quality and a unique touch.

The suspended Strohm Teka toilet and bidet area, as well as the shower area, are hidden by handcrafted plaster sculptural pieces. These totems blend perfectly with the bathroom decor and add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Mix the classic with the futuristic. Paris never goes out of style. Parisian style in interior decoration is characterized by its elegance, sophistication, and a balance between the classic and the modern.

On the contrary, the futuristic character breaks with the classic with innovative and avant-garde elements, with a minimalist aesthetic and clean lines that reflect a vision of the future in the present. Did you think they couldn’t go hand in hand? The trend of combining two opposite styles of interior design, such as the classic and the modern, adds a unique and exciting dimension to the space, creating a balanced harmony between the traditional and the contemporary.

Say yes to circular windows, unique floors, and open bathtubs! Jacob Delafon presents “Paris 2048”, a bathroom space designed by Guillermo García-Hoz at Casa Decor. With a mix of past, present, and future, the design integrates the bathtub, toilet cabin, sink, and shower in four different scenarios that coexist in harmony. Curved islands? Now it’s a definite yes. Kitchens with islands have become a popular trend in interior design, providing extra functionality and an elegant and modern look that transforms the space into a perfect place for cooking and socializing.

With curved islands, where design and functionality integrate to create a unique and elegant space. A true work of art that is not only practical but also a source of inspiration and harmony to fully enjoy your home. There are many types of islands in the market, but one that has become popular in recent times is the curved island. An example of this can be seen in the BC3 Cocinas and Ele Room 62 project, which follows the latest trends in design, such as the combination of a walnut door with lacquered furniture.

The elegant and sophisticated “Mi cocina con mirador” is inspired by the French style, with reinterpreted marquetry floors and moldings on walls and floors. The space stands out for its perfect balance between design and functionality, with an area for the new Bc3 Cocinas handle doors and an illuminated bay window to enjoy the kitchen. Two environments, one space. How can you liven up your gatherings when you have visitors and make every night a party at home? The answer is very simple: by combining your living room with a karaoke.

Complement your lifestyle with a fun and exciting activity that will allow you to share unforgettable moments with friends and family while enjoying music and fun in the comfort of your home. It’s not something we’ve seen before – at least not in Europe. Thanks to the winning firm of the Best Casa Decor 2021 Project, GIRA, we have been able to see an example of this combination in their Smart Home with the new Push Sensor 4 switch and the Gira G1 screen. The “Hirameki” project is inspired by Japanese culture and achieves a zen atmosphere with noble materials, organic shapes, and a balanced combination of colors.

The collaboration with ARTE International, ORAC DECOR, and PERALTA VIDAVI contributes to the elegance of the space. Textured wall coverings. Wall coverings and murals are key elements in interior design, as they add textures, patterns, and colors that can completely transform a space, adding a touch of personality and style that reflects the creative vision of the designer. What we have seen lately is the creation of a new dimension in interior design with the latest generation of wall coverings. Wood, natural fibers, and suede textures, along with the golden color, will allow you to create unique and sophisticated environments that connect you with nature and elegance, turning your home into a true oasis of style and distinction.

Suede texture reliefs. Can you imagine having suede-covered walls? It’s the new boom in wall coverings. Not only does it provide a classic style, but it also gives your home an inimitable personality. As we have seen, the Consentino Group knows what it’s talking about. In their ensuite bathroom project “Le Bain Parisien,” they use Arte wall coverings to add style and personality to the space. Interior designer Alejandra Pombo integrates the bathroom with other spaces, using various materials, and the selected Arte covering is the Palma model from the Yala collection, in brown tones with a suede texture.

Source: Portico.es in Spanish

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