Pool covers and decoration: the perfect combination to enjoy to the fullest.

When we think of pools, the first thing that comes to mind is taking a refreshing dip on hot summer days. However, a pool can be much more than just a recreational area if we know how to combine functionality with aesthetics. Pool covers, along with appropriate decoration, can turn this space into the focal point of the home, where comfort, safety, and beauty come together, as long as we choose the best option for our pool. In this case, Cupoola pool covers may be the most suitable option, as they are custom-made to achieve a better finish.

Why choose a pool cover?

Before anything else, it’s important to talk about the benefits offered by installing a pool cover, benefits that go beyond decoration. Among the main advantages they offer, we can highlight:

  1. Safety: Pool covers protect the pool from potential accidental falls, especially if there are children or pets at home. Additionally, they prevent the accumulation of leaves, insects, or any other type of debris, thus facilitating maintenance.
  2. Savings: By preventing water evaporation, pool covers allow for significant savings, both in water replacement and in chemicals for pool treatment.
  3. Extended season: A cover can keep the water warmer, especially if it is thermal. This means that the pool can be enjoyed for more months of the year, even during periods when temperatures begin to drop.

Combining covers and decoration

Pool covers and decoration: the perfect combination to fully enjoy 3

A cover doesn’t have to be a bulky element or something that clashes with the surroundings. Nowadays, there are multiple options on the market that can adapt to all types of styles and needs. Some of these options include:

  1. Telescopic covers: These are covers that allow the pool to be partially or fully uncovered. Made of lightweight materials such as aluminum and polymer, they integrate perfectly into modern gardens. As they are retractable, they offer the versatility of enjoying the pool outdoors or covered depending on weather conditions.
  2. Flat covers: These covers are discreet and hardly noticeable. They integrate perfectly into any garden design and are ideal for those seeking a more minimalist solution.
  3. High covers: These covers allow for the creation of a space around the pool that can be used as a greenhouse or relaxation area. They can be decorated with plants, loungers, and even garden furniture, transforming the pool into an authentic oasis.

Choosing between one option or another will depend on each situation, but in case of doubt, it is best to seek advice from an expert and let them guide us. This way, we will have the certainty that the choice will be the best one.

Decorating around the pool

Once the cover is chosen, it’s time to think about the decoration, a decoration in which we should seek complete integration of all elements, with the aim of creating a more elegant atmosphere. Let’s see some ideas.


Good lighting can completely change the appearance of the pool at night. Submersible LED lights, torches, or string lights can create a magical atmosphere.


Plants and flowers are always a good idea. They not only provide beauty but also offer shade and help create a cool and relaxing atmosphere. It is important to choose species that adapt to the climate and do not dirty the water too much.


Sun loungers, umbrellas, tables, and chairs should not be missing. Choose materials that are resistant to the outdoors and textiles that withstand moisture and sunlight well.

Decorative details

A path of stones, a waterfall, a fountain, or even sculptures can add that unique and personal touch to your pool.

To conclude, pool covers, beyond their practical function, can be a key element in outdoor decoration. By choosing the right one and combining it with careful design, it is possible to enjoy a space that will not only be the favorite during summer but throughout the year. And, let’s remember, a well-thought-out and designed space always invites relaxation and enjoyment, maximizing the experience of having a pool at home.

Source: MiMub in Spanish

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