Author’s minimal designs, the new mosaic trends at Casa Decor 2023.

In the Casa Decor 2023 edition, Hisbalit will present its new mosaic trends, characterized by minimal author designs. This company is considered a benchmark in the design and manufacture of ecological glass mosaic.

The Hisbalit mosaic is present in the space AR18 (Floor 2, 31) of Raventós Arquitectura and the Bathco space “Upper West Salamanca”, designed by Egue y Seta (Floor 3, 46). The floors of the home of the future and a new concept of social bathroom are dressed in the new Lettering and Petite collections from Hisbalit at Casa Decor 2023. A luxurious edition, integrated into the exclusive offer offered by Madrid’s Golden Mile.

The coverings feature in the new social bathroom

The Bathco space, designed by Egue y Seta, is a bathroom that, as a new standard, brings back its social condition to this room. Practical, aesthetic, versatile, and universal, with the colorful sensibility of New York’s Tenement Houses. The studio was inspired by the statutes of the Tenement Act, which in New York in 1900 wanted to guarantee minimum conditions of safety and hygiene, but also of compositional harmony for the settlements that were beginning to expand in neighborhoods that were not yet touristy at the time.

In “Upper West Salamanca” they talk about the “Bathroom Act” which obliges us to give the bathroom the same level of decorative care as other noble areas of the house, in addition to returning the social and family condition that bathrooms had in ancient times, allowing the necessary surface and equipment for shared use. It proposes to include and “translate luxury” into all functional programs and all budgets.

The new social bathroom stands out for its custom-designed flooring created by Egue y Seta with two references from the new Petite collection by Hisbalit. Minimal author designs, handcrafted, that can be customized without limits. The studio combined the Diamant and Point models. Special, subtle and elegant small motifs in a hexagonal format. They fused the two references on a beige background (Unicolor 333) and chose red and black as the main colors. For the Diamant mosaic, they chose red (Unicolor 172), and for Point, black (Unicolor 101), the same color they also used to create personalized borders. To create this custom design “carpet”, 29,160 tiles were manually placed from the Hisbalit factory, located in Cantabria.

A daring and retro covering features in the water area, which incorporates a shower and bathtub. Egue y Seta opted for the ANZA mosaic from the Palm Spring Hisbalit collection for the floor, the lower part of the wall, and the front of the bathtub, simulating a colorful planter. The mid-century aesthetic mosaic, in green and red tones, is combined with a yellow border, created with the Niebla 152 mosaic from Hisbalit. They used the same reference creatively to cover the door frames of the social bathroom, the bathtub step, and also used this yellow mosaic on the floor separating the two designs. For the bathtub glass, they used Unicolor 333 mosaic in beige, the same tone they chose for the floor.

A floor with a message in the home of the future spaceship

Andreína Raventós presents at Casa Decor 2023 a surprising idea of a future home in her AR18 space. A home spaceship that lands on a planet opening its doors to nature and inviting us to imagine what our homes could be like if we continue with the dizzying technological progress we live in.

In 18 square meters, she proposes a home with everything necessary to live. Thus, in just two central modules, the complete program of a home is developed, which in turn acts as a means of transportation.

The equipment of AR18 is avant-garde design with the latest technology. It stands out for its sustainable materials such as sintered natural stone countertops, recycled textiles, and recycled glass mosaic flooring. A pavement created with the Star reference from the Textures collection by Hisbalit. A new concept that opens the doors to sensory decoration and movement within the static. Shiny, matte, smooth, rough, metallic, iridescent, pearly colors combined in white blocks that give prominence to the fundamental concept: the mixture of textures.

The Star floor integrates messages. Andreína Raventós has used the new Lettering collection from Hisbalit, typographies with mosaic. She has created the name of the future home ART18 with hexagonal tiles in black with metallic shades (Urban Chic 723), in addition to indicating the WC of her home spaceship. She has also designed original signs on the floor that indicate the visitor’s path through her space and a coat hanger for the wardrobe area.

An edition that applauds craftsmanship and nature

For the fourth consecutive year, Casa Decor maintains its commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship, characteristics for which the new collections from Hisbalit stand out. Manufactured in Cantabria with 100% recycled mosaic and natural origin pigments, they are placed manually. Each piece is touched, felt, achieving a product that transmits the emotion of those who work on it.

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