Keys to decorate with gold and give your home an elegant touch

It is one of the most glamorous colors that can bring to your home. Brilliant, splendorous and full of light. Today we give you some advices for you to succeed when decorating with gold and incorporate it with success in the different rooms. It will be a great way to add extra value to interior design.

One of the trends that have returned to stay is to decorate with gold. Or perhaps it is that this brilliant color has never ceased to be used to enrich an atmosphere and endow it with elegance.

The fact is that incorporating one or more golden elements into the decoration continues to be one of the most rabid current events. The key is to do it well so that the result is spectacular. Today we tell you what the secrets are to getting it.

How to decorate with gold and get it right

If you like the decor in your living room but notice something is missing, it may help to read the following article. There are times when an atmosphere, despite being well decorated and to our liking, lacks a special touch. We don’t know exactly what it lacks, but it doesn’t have shine or glamour.

In these cases, a good golden piece will become your best ally to print the magic and chic point that is missing to that room. To decorate with gold is a wonderful idea that we can all make ours.

Of course, the success or failure of the initiative will depend on how we carry it out. Which pieces we are going to choose, how many and where we will place them are aspects to consider. Here are some tips to make it easier for you.

Moderation, a fundamental issue

If, like me, you are one of those who love glamour at home, be very careful. You can start by placing a table lamp of this magnificent colour and finish by filling the space with gold metal objects. And it’s not about getting into your house you need to wear sunglasses, is it?

To decorate with gold requires, yes or yes, a point of moderation. While the same is true for most currents and trends in deco, in the case of gold this is even more evident. It is because of the brilliant hue of color, which can variegate the space if used too much.

Therefore, and in the face of this danger, it is advisable to reason, to go little by little and not to fill everything with elements of this color. In this way, we will manage to be restrained and achieve the desired effect: an infinite elegance but without leaving serenity aside.

The key to keeping yourself at bay when decorating with gold is to choose small sized items, especially if your living room or bedroom is not too big. It is a good idea to install a lamp, mirror or an auxiliary piece of furniture. In addition, starting with very subtle touches you can increase it up to what you think is convenient.

Suitable for any room

You may think that the living room or bedroom is the only space where you can decorate with gold. Nothing could be further from the truth. Any room in the house will be surprisingly enriched with a good piece of gold.

For example, a golden touch in the bathroom will give you a very decorative touch. For this type of space comes from pearls an extra elegance. They are usually simple and somewhat impersonal.

The foyer is also a perfect place to put a golden piece like a console or a small table. You will create an original effect that will make a very good impression on the visitor. You know, the lobby is your home’s calling card.

Furniture, lamps, mirrors, decorative objects?

There are several ways to introduce gilded products into an environment, as far as decoration is concerned. If the room is spacious and bright you can choose to put some golden furniture. Those who combine golden metal and crystal seem to me to be beautiful, very mid-century modern style that raises so many passions.

A lamp, ceiling or table lamp and a mirror can also be key elements when decorating with gold. Success lies in knowing how to mix these types of elements. It bets on other materials that balance the final result. Wood and other natural materials, such as simple textiles, will be used to counteract the theatrical effect of gold.

But if you want to put several golden pieces in your living room, a good idea is to combine different finishes. That is to say, choose some in glossy gold and others in matt or aged gold. You’ll give more dynamism to the decoration.

Be that as it may, gilded decorating is the perfect way to brighten and glamorize a boring space. Do you dare to try?

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