7 reasons to choose Seine over any other toilet

Jacob Delafon offers a new innovative experience with the new shower toilet Seine. More hygienic, more ecological and decidedly modern, the toilet we want in our house as soon as possible. Below are some reasons to choose Seine over any other toilet.

New technology

A great novelty for Jacob Delafon, the WC Seine is inspired by Japanese toilets. Despite its classic appearance, the details make the difference. Its first advantage, comfort. Hygienic, aesthetic and technological comfort that we never get tired of. On the side of the bowl, three buttons allow you to start the cleaning jets and stop them when you want. A remote control completes this experience by providing additional functionalities. As a final touch, a night light is activated based on the ambient light.

Control at your fingertips

new toilet siene 2

Intuitive, the remote control offers an enriched experience by providing a variety of options. Thanks to it, you will find all the features of the toilet-shower: the front and rear wash, the dryer, the night light and the flush activation. But if you want to have an even more personalized experience, 5 levels of intensity allow you to adjust the jet power using the +/- in the center. If you want to adjust the water temperature and the air temperature for drying, as easy as pressing the corresponding icons several times.

A comfort-filled experience

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Known for its hygienic advantages, Japanese toilets have become a reference in the industry. Designed for your well-being, the shower sprays ensure impeccable personal hygiene. The oscillating spray allows gentle cleaning throughout the area. Its adjustable position adapts to the anatomy of each user. Toilets with a shower provide an incomparable feeling of freshness in a jet of water. The toilet will automatically flush 30 seconds after the user gets up.

Maximized hygiene

new toilet siene 4

When it comes to maintenance, it has never been easier. The rimless toilet facilitates cleaning and leaves no place for bacteria to hide. It is also equipped with a descaling function to prevent limescale buildup. Before and after each use, the shower head cleans itself automatically and the antibacterial nozzles are obviously directly protected against bacteria. The slow-closing trap door can be released to make room for cleaning.

A responsible toilet

new toilet siene 5

The hand showers will allow you to stop using toilet paper altogether. 1 year represents an average of 15 kg of toilet paper per person. Knowing that one kilo of toilet paper represents 3 kg of wood and 300 liters of water, the Seine toilet is also a more responsible solution!

Modern lines

new toilet siene 6

Fine lines, elegant curves, a refined bowl at the bottom, the WC Seine has a silhouette that fits all your spaces. Fully optimized, maintenance will be much simpler. A control plate and a discreet remote control integrate perfectly into the decor. Unmissable!

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