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When it comes to accessories, paintings bring some of your personality and style to your home. An everyday object that in its origins was nothing more than a simple fabric on the wall, but thanks to its wide variety of designs, large formats, range of techniques used and variety of colors, it manages to convey all kinds of emotions.

But, let’s keep in mind that in decoration there are no rules, it is always a matter of personal taste. Each person chooses what best suits their personality and brings out every corner of their home. Works of art are one of the great decorative resources for personalizing the home.

So, here are the advantages of decorating your house with paintings and some techniques for placing them and which is the best style for you.

Benefits of decorating your house with paintings

Paintings are an essential part of any home décor, as they have multiple benefits:

Personalize your space: paintings are a way to personalize a room. You can use them to reflect your personality, enhance the room’s decor, evoke memories of travels or special moments, or convey emotions.

Create an atmosphere: they can help create a warm, cozy, and harmonious atmosphere in the living room, separate different spaces, or define a style.

Add sophistication: Abstract, modernist, classic, symmetrical or minimalist, paintings exist in many styles and each of them adds a touch of sophistication to the room.

Versatility: they are the most versatile decorative accessories, as they can be used in any space, from the smallest to the largest room. It is also the type of wall decoration that best adapts to changes, as it is easy to replace without modifying the decoration.

How to place them

The exact location to place the paintings will depend on the size and style of the room, the size of the paintings, and their style. In general, paintings should not be placed in a room where they may be hidden or obscured by other elements, and they should be at an adequate height for the viewer to appreciate them.

Some of the most common ways to place them in the house are:

Groups: if you want to create a striking and original decoration, an option is to place several of different sizes and styles on the same wall, creating a visually intense combination, either symmetrically or chaotically.

Solitary piece: on the other hand, if you prefer a minimalist decoration, you can choose a single piece or a whole wall of paintings to be the main attraction of the room.

On the furniture: in the living room or any other room with furniture, it is interesting to hang paintings over the furniture. Large cushions provide a separation between the walls, making the place seem more intimate and cozy. It is ideal for enhancing bare walls and creating a great visual impact. For example, in the living room, paintings are ideal for decorating the wall behind the sofa.

On the staircase wall: a good idea is to place them along the staircase wall. You can display them in small groups and hang several works of art or photographs, in this case it is called a gallery wall. It’s a great idea, you can combine styles or place several within the same tones or themes.

What is the style of paintings that best suits my needs?

Paintings can be found in a wide range of styles, from the most classic, such as the Renaissance or Baroque, to the most avant-garde and abstract of the moment. Each decorating style will go well with certain types of paintings, so it is important to choose the ones that best suit the home’s decor.

Sometimes it is also important to take into account what it expresses, as it can help create a great atmosphere in a room. For example, warm, cheerful, and vibrant ones work well in a dining room, while serene or neutral ones are perfect for a living room.

Final thoughts…

Paintings are an essential part of home decor, being an everyday object that conveys all kinds of emotions thanks to its wide variety of styles, large formats, range of techniques used, and variety of colors.

Also, they help to personalize the room, add sophistication, create a warm and cozy atmosphere, and are very versatile. When placing them in the house, it is important to avoid hiding them and take into account the size and style of the room, the size, location, and style.

As for which is the best style of paintings, it will depend on the style of the room, the paintings, and what you want to express with them. So, if you want to give your home a special touch, don’t hesitate to use paintings. They are an essential element for harmonious and stylish decoration.

Photos: Freepik and Unsplash.

Source: Opendeco, decoration news in Spanish

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