Books for decorating small homes that are very practical

When you have to live in small houses, you know it’s very important to use the space as efficiently as possible to have everything you want without it feeling too overwhelming. On the internet, you can find many tips and ideas for decorating mini apartments, tiny houses… But there are also books.

We’ve done a little search and here we want to leave you with some of the ones available in the market so you can take a look at them.

Small houses: Effective tips and techniques for designing, building, and living in small houses

small house

“Have you ever thought about living life by yourself? About building a small cabin in the hills and spending days in peace and tranquility? These dreams are often interrupted by the harsh kiss of reality. It costs a lot to build a cabin, even deep in the forest, doesn’t it? Small houses are the easiest and most ecological housing options available today. You can place them practically anywhere! From the beach to the deepest forest. This book will teach you everything you need to know about them. We’ll review not only the pros and cons of having one, but also how to design and build one. This book has been written in detail about everything you need to consider. We’ll cover topics ranging from designing your own small house to which materials are best selected for different parts of your home.”

We start with a book that aims to advise on small houses from construction to decoration.

200 ideas for mini-apartments

example book 200 ideas

“This book, mainly consisting of images, showcases ideas and solutions based on the size of the apartments. It also includes rehabilitated projects and small apartment buildings. It represents an approach to the perspectives of architects to meet the needs of contemporary urban life.”

In this case, the most striking thing about this book on small houses is the images that will give you many ideas about furniture or the placement of elements in a house to maximize the benefits.

Great ideas for small spaces

“Do you have a very small garden or no space in your home for plants? With Great Ideas for Small Spaces, you can create your own plant decorations and floral arrangements, and even grow vegetables in your home. In this work, you will find forty projects explained in detail with step-by-step instructions, illustrated with photographs and expert advice so that your plants grow healthily.”

This book is more focused on small houses and their decoration with plants. If you want to share your space with nature, it can be a good read (and get ideas and inspiration).

Ideas for designing small spaces

“Big ideas for tiny spaces: that’s what this book contains. Because when space is scarce, challenges remain and only brilliant ideas allow us to enjoy the light and feeling of space that we all need to find in our homes.”

Another book based on ideas, tips, and inspirations for decorating a small space: mini houses, small houses, mini apartments…

TINY HOUSES: 3 in 1- A complete guide for beginners+ Tips and tricks for living well in tiny houses+ Smart ideas for living a big life in tiny houses

small apartment

“The A-Z of Tiny Living is exactly what it promises! A complete look at everything related to tiny living. These are some of the things you will discover in this book: How to decide what type of housing suits your needs. Why you should consider micro-living. How changing your home can help you expand your job opportunities. What eco-friendly toilet options are best for your new home.
If you think about it, small houses or minimalism are not just about economic benefits. It’s environmentally friendly and very easy to maintain, so it all boils down to a better life.”

It may seem like a very extensive book, but it’s not. In fact, the content is rather basic, but it can be useful for inspiration.

Small houses, big ideas

“Beautifully illustrated, this work analyzes 25 carefully selected housing projects for their creativity and ingenuity in maximizing space. Assuming the need for rigorous data – plans and elevations, materials, specific furniture details – this book offers essential information on all aspects of the design process. Here you will find an excellent selection of compact houses with original storage solutions and a wide range of inventive responses to the issues raised by the lack of space in current housing.”

A book based on practice, as it shows you several real examples so you can see the problems and how they were solved.

Urban small houses

small kitchen

“Innovative solutions for limited spaces reflect a contemporary lifestyle full of creativity and originality. When it comes to living comfortably in a small home, there are many practical resources available: in new or renovated buildings, it is possible to eliminate non-essential rooms, such as lobbies and corridors, to add the saved space to the main room. This book offers a selection of original and imaginative projects that embody the current urban landscape. Apart from the variety of styles and different types of housing, they all have in common: they contain exclusively what is necessary for a dwelling with limited space. Unique projects created by internationally renowned designers have been selected, reflecting new ways of living and experiencing distribution, materials, textures, and light. These projects are examples of interior micro-urbanism, of how design can shape a space to make it personal, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.”

We end with a book based on urban small houses. Like the previous one, it also offers practical projects for you to see how the space was given dynamism without looking cluttered.

Do you recommend any other books for decorating small houses or getting ideas and tips to enhance the space?

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