9 tricks for making the most of natural light at home

Everything counts when choosing the decoration you want for a room: the arrangement, the colours, the furniture… You should always know how to arrange and lay out the objects for making the most of natural light at home.


Crystal panels

Place a crystal panel where is an opening, this idea can be used on the façade or indoors. Like this, you’ll guarantee a better arrangement of the light in every corner of your house.

Kitch pass through

This is an elegant way of making the most of natural light in spaces that are a bit hidden and that lack illumination, such as kitchens. You can even use the pass through as a breakfast zone.

A system of mirrors

Creating a system of mirrors, you can make light arrive to the darkest spaces of a room. If you want to use this system, you should install it in a zone close to the terrace or the roof.

No obstacles allowed

Avoid placing big size objects next to light entrances because they’ll stop natural light. If you have curtains, they should be light so that they don’t make the space go dark.


Arrangement of the elements

The big and tall elements such as bookcases, cupboards or similar objects must be placed against the walls. On the contrary, light furniture can be used for dividing spaces and functionalities inside of the room.

“Invisible” furniture

The invisible furniture are those elements that go unnoticed against the wall, like if they were chameleons. Moreover, they tend to work as light reflectors.


Light and neutral tones

White uses to be essential in visually enlarging spaces. Light and neutral tones are ideal for making the most of the natural light at home, since they reflect the light instead of absorbing it. It’s better that the biggest elements such as the walls and the big pieces of furniture are in neutral and light colours. You can introduce intense tones in smaller objects and details.

Print designs

You can use thin lines and small details in pastel tones, for example in the case of wallpapers. Keep bright colours and bigger drawings for decorative elements such as cushions, carpets, etc.



Use natural fibres such as cotton, linen or silk. Apart from freshness and calm, they provide a smooth texture that helps making the most of the natural light.

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