A house in New Zealand that looks like a tent

At first sight, this house design looks like a classic tent, but once you are inside it, you’ll realize that this original shape has permitted to create a house full of surprises and special places.


Most of us have gone camping at least once, using classic tents where there was not much space. That was the first thing I thought of when I saw this house. Then when you are inside it, you discover that it has nothing to do with a classic tent.

Triangular design

As we have said, the first thing that surprise us is the original shape of this house. It is a non-conventional shape that is not frequently used in construction, where we always see quadrangular shapes. This special shape permits to have a very innovative indoor décor.


As we can see, the house is not very big, but it has enough space for a young couple.

Big windows

Both in the front and in the back of the house, the house has big windows with sliding crystal doors, what makes the light enters. The use of white in the rooms makes the space look much bigger than it is.


Another interesting thing is that there are not separation walls instead for the bathroom. In that way, they try to get the most out of the space.

Living-room and dining-room

In the main floor of the house we can find an ample living room where the furniture stands by its color. It is interesting also that it fits the triangular shape of the house.

house4 house5

Next to the living room we can find a bathroom and the stairs that lead us to the second floor. They also have the same white colors of the house.

house6 house7

Second floor, the bedroom

In the second floor we can find just one bedroom that offers great views thanks to the window, a place to rest while we enjoy the views.


Do you like this house? Would you live in it?

Via: Arquitectura Ideal

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