All-in-one: Bosch presents the solution for all household tasks – Interior decoration.

The Bosch brand has unveiled its new range of all-in-one products designed to carry out all kinds of tasks around the home. In total, there are 40 new manual tools, as well as a wide variety of power tools. Thanks to these tools, all the needs that may arise in the world of DIY are covered.

Made with quality materials that ensure the best performance, the tools in this range stand out for their durability. They have a surface treatment that makes them resistant to corrosion. In addition, their solid construction helps each tool guarantee exceptional functionality. For example, the screwdrivers are made of sturdy S2 steel to allow for a firm and stable rotation. All the tools are intuitive to use, so adjustments like locking and positioning can be done quickly and easily.

Easy and intuitive to use, they guarantee precise and professional results in every task. The ergonomics of the tool are an important aspect for achieving comfortable, controlled, and safe operation, something that can be seen and felt with the new manual tools.

Most of the tools have a pleasant contour that is comfortable to hold and allows for precise grip control. For example, the pliers can be easily adjusted to suit the needs of each job using a button with up to 26 settings.

The folding knife, on the other hand, opens quickly with just the touch of a button and allows for quick and safe blade replacement. The screwdrivers, on the other hand, have a magnetic tip to help pick up screws and facilitate gripping. In addition, the ratchet screwdriver incorporates a pop-up charger with twelve color-coded bits for added convenience. The bits are organized in the charger so that each color corresponds to a specific type of screwdriver. With the color code at the end of the handle, the user can easily select the right screwdriver and use it without any problems. The manual tools are now available and are ideal for anyone looking to start a DIY project.

Source: Opendeco, decoration news in Spanish

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