An original house with pyramidal structure

What does a house need to stand out and make us consider it unique?  Is it the shape, the color, the surroundings, the indoor décor or is there something more? I would say that it is a spark that makes it stand out. It doesn’t need to be something unusual if it is used in a unique and unexpected way. For example, pyramids are not a novelty  but creating a house with a pyramidal structure is definitely something you don’t expect to see in a house.

This is the Pyramid House, a house with a pyramidal structure. It is a conceptual house designed by the Mexican architect Juan Carlos Ramos and it is something unique. It was created and presented as a design for an architecture competition. It has a very simple geometrical shape that we all know but it is presented in a singular and unexpected way, making us love it from the time we see it. The house is showy, original and iconic at the same time. It is definitely something unique that deserves your attention.

pyramid house 2 pyramid house 3 pyramid house 4 pyramid house 5 pyramid house

Via: Arquitectura ideal

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