Askholmen, the Ikea series for the most beautiful terrace.

Askholmen is Ikea’s New Summer Furniture Series

Ikea has introduced its latest collection for the summer called Askholmen, featuring a range of beautiful wooden furniture pieces. What sets this series apart is its versatility to fit into any space, whether you have a cozy balcony or a spacious patio. The warm, sunny days ahead call for a comfortable outdoor space for relaxation, and the Askholmen series offers everything needed to create such an enchanting area effortlessly.

Ikea’s Wooden Furniture Series for Patios

As the summer season approaches, bringing along its sunny and warm days, it’s time to get your patio or garden ready. The Askholmen series includes furniture that is not only ideal in design, material, and quality but also offers great prices. These pieces combine quality, appeal, and modernity, fulfilling Ikea’s promise of bringing you the best options for your outdoor spaces.

Whether you’re spending the summer at home or looking for a comfortable outdoor setup, the Askholmen series seems to fit the bill perfectly. The featured dining set, made of sustainably sourced acacia wood, consists of a foldable table and four chairs, available in dark brown with beige or dark blue cushions, or in a pure wood color. This series proves to be perfect for any outdoor space, be it a small garden, patio, or a larger terrace.

A Round Table Set for Family Gatherings

Moreover, the series offers solutions for enjoyable times with family or friends. An example is the foldable table and chair set in dark brown with beige cushions, which is comfortable and appealing for any outdoor setting. Ikea’s ability to offer versatile furniture shines through with the Askholmen series, catering to spaces of all sizes without sacrificing style or comfort.

Not forgetting the interior design potential, the chairs from this series could add a unique touch to your dining area when additional seating is needed. Designed by Andreas Frediksson, the furniture, including a robust chair with armrests, is made of acacia, known for its durability and resistance due to the high density of its fibers.

Small yet Comfortable and Attractive Chairs

Besides the larger furniture items, the series also features smaller chairs made of the same durable and sustainable acacia wood, suitable for balconies, small gardens, or back patios. These chairs come pre-assembled and, like the rest of the Askholmen series, are designed to last while maintaining their appearance thanks to a varnish finish.

Whether your outdoor space is limited or expansive, and you’re looking to create a relaxing corner for the summer, Ikea’s Askholmen series offers a range of outdoor furniture that promises comfort, attractiveness, and durability, demonstrating that you don’t need to compromise on style due to space constraints.

Images: Ikea

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