Small corner sofa: keys to getting it right in your purchase.

Are you going to furnish your living room? Are you thinking about whether to buy a small corner sofa or two sofas? Do you know what to look for to decide on the first one?

Many times corner sofas are not chosen due to the difficulties they present. However, when the important keys to buying one are taken into account, these difficulties disappear. Can we give you a hand?

What to look for when buying a small corner sofa

corner sofa

If you have decided, due to the type of living room or the way you are going to furnish it, that the best option is undoubtedly a small corner sofa, then you need to get it right with the purchase.

The first thing you should consider is that this sofa, even in its small version, is large and although they are intended for large living rooms or with many square meters, they can also be placed in a smaller one if a series of aspects are taken into account. A corner sofa has the same number of seats on one side and the other. It’s like having two sofas making an L shape, or it could also be a U shape.

Among the advantages it has is the ease of communication with family and friends, because you are almost at the same level. In addition, being larger, it allows to accommodate more guests or use it for other purposes (not only sitting, but also lying down).

Keys to choosing a small corner sofa

sofa and bookshelf

With all the above clear, it is time to move on to the next phase: the purchase. And to do so, we recommend that you take into account the following:

Dimensions of the small corner sofa

We’re talking about a small one. And so that it doesn’t overwhelm the living room, it should not take up all the available space. Therefore, discard all those that exceed the measurements.

A small trick to choose one is to have two seats on each side, nothing more. Those are considered small corner sofas. Another option is to use modular ones, which adapt according to your needs (although they tend to be more expensive).

However, here you must be aware of the space you have and whether a sofa of these characteristics would be the best option. How? By weighing or even trying out decoration applications to see how the result would look before even buying any furniture.


It is clear that a sofa in general has to be comfortable. Even if you spend little time on it, you shouldn’t be uncomfortable. This implies that you should:

  • Control the height of your feet. That is, when you sit down, your feet should not be left dangling, nor should they be forced at an angle when resting them on the floor. That will only put pressure on your legs and make you tire more. It is best for your legs to make a 90º angle to be comfortable, but without forcing the posture, as in the long run your legs will suffer.
  • Fabric. Can you imagine sitting on a small corner sofa and then when you get up, you can’t or you’re stuck? That’s what you should avoid; choose a breathable fabric and preferably one that can be washed. It’s best to choose an upholstery suitable for the use you will give it. If it’s daily and you have children, the best options are stain-resistant and highly durable fabrics, so they don’t break in a short time. If you use it less frequently, you could opt for a leather one.
  • Head support. Otherwise, you will be uncomfortable if you have to keep your head upright all the time without any rest. Some opt not to consider it, and in the end, they end up with bad postures because of it. That’s why, even though it may look bigger, it’s worth it for better rest on it.

Regarding comfort, you should pay attention to what it’s made of, meaning if it has a good structure, what is the density of the foam (we recommend it to be at least between 30 and 35 kg/m3 (the more, the better)).

Matching with the decoration

No matter how great a small corner sofa you choose, if it doesn’t match your decor, it’s of no use. You could opt to put on a cover and problem solved. But it could happen that the structure doesn’t have the style you are looking for.

Therefore, keep in mind the type of decoration in that room so you don’t buy hastily and then it doesn’t fit. Our recommendation? Go for a neutral design, you’ll make it last longer without going out of style.

As you can see, there are many keys that could help you buy a small corner sofa. Do you have one at home? Do you have any more advice when buying one? We’ll read you in the comments.

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