Beautiful Shower curtains

When we think about our bathroom decoration we normally focus on the tiles, the furniture and maybe some pictures or the towels, but we don’t take into account shower curtains. They are the always forgotten in our decoration but with the ones you are going to see today we’ll make you change your mind.

We think that shower curtains are just a piece of plastic we put to prevent a water disaster in our bathroom. But if we think out of the box and consider them as a decorative element, we can see all the opportunities they can give us.

First, they are normally cheap, or at least cheaper than other decorative elements so we don’t have to spend a lot of money for having a beautiful bathroom.

Some of them are very colorful and original so we can change completely the look of our bathroom just by changing its curtains.

We can have a beautiful decoration focusing only in this element. If we buy simple furniture and focus the attention on the shower curtains, we can get an awesome effect.

And the last thing is that you have to change them from time to time, so they give you an opportunity to change more often your decoration.

 Lalita medallion shower curtaincourtains5

Painted elephant shower curtain


New York shower curtain


Forest Critters shower curtain


Tree shower curtains


Map shower curtain


Salt water shower curtains


Blomma Shower curtains


Happy elephant shower curtain


Jade Medallion shower curtain


Waterfall ruffle shower curtain


Odyssey shower curtains


Did you like the ideas? Do you use your shower curtains as a decorative element?


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