Benefits of hardwood flooring at home

Are you thinking about which kind of flooring do you use at home? Aren’t you sure about whether using hardwood flooring or tiles in your house? Then, you may find this post useful to make up your mind.

We’re going to tell you about some of the benefits of hardwood flooring and also some of its cons. Like that, you’ll be able to evaluate what’s the best option for you according to your needs and budget.


There are many materials among you can choose for your floors: ceramic floors, tiles, marble or even decorative details such as mosaics from Venice. And the option we want to share with you today: hardwood flooring. This is a healthy choice and also green if you do some research about the provenance of the wood.

Ecology and hardwood flooring

If you have ever thought that hardwood flooring contribute to wood cutting and therefore it’s completely harmful for the environment, you’ll like what we’re about to talk about. Hardwood flooring is a green and respectful option if you know the provenance of the wood used.

Would you like to know the keys for choosing hardwood floorings that are respectful with the environment? Check this out!

  • If the wood comes from controlled woods you don’t need to worry since there’s a reforestation project behind it. The woods exploitation in Europe is controlled and all trees that are cut must be replanted in a bigger number. Then, if more trees are cut, more trees are planted.
  • The manufacturing of hardwood floorings consumes less energy than any other material such as steel, plastic or concrete.
  • Wood is recyclable and it can be used to create more energy.
  • Wood produces less gas that contribute to the greenhouse effect. This is due to the fact that is a neutral product of carbon that produces oxygen during its growth cycle and stores carbon during its usage time.
  • Hardwood flooring improves the quality of the air inside of the house.
  • With a proper maintenance, hardwood floorings can last for generations in the same home.

Advantages of hardwood floorings

Aesthetically, it’s a unique flooring thanks to the unrepeatable design of every piece of wood. Although, a lot of materials simulating wood are starting to appear and their finish is amazing. Sometimes, it’s even difficult to notice the different between real wood and the simulated one.

Moreover, wood is a marvellous thermal insulation material. It won’t let the cold in and besides, wood provides a sense of warm regardless of the temperature. At room temperature, wood tends to be warmer than other materials such as marble. Like this, you won’t need to use a lot of carpets and children will be able to play on the floor without getting a cold.

Moreover, if you treat it properly, wood is a very clean and long lasting material. You can clean it easily with the right products and it will last for a long time.


Cons of hardwood floorings

Some of the cons of a hardwood flooring is the noise, the price, the installation and sometimes the maintenance.

Installing a hardwood flooring properly can be a bit expensive, especially if its of high quality. Moreover, the quality of the wood will also influence the resistance and the maintenance of the floors. Depending on how delicate the wood is, you’ll probably need to cover the bottom of the furniture in order to not marking the hardwood flooring. Wood is also less insulating for noise, this can be solved adding other insulating materials or even carpets.


We spend a lot of time at home and it’s very important we fell comfortable with our decorations and the materials we choose. We can save some money in fabrics and some pieces of furniture, but choosing a good quality flooring is a good investment. It won’t be practical if we have to change our floors every few years…

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