Black and White geometry in a Moscow apartment

Located in Moscow, this apartment was a Project of Geometrix Design. The inside is simple and futuristic. The only colors used are black and whate, what makes the decoration even more minimalistic. The apartment has 130 square meters. It is part of a residential area called Axioma. The name gave the team the perfect idea for the design. They imagined this project as something simple in black and white that didn’t had anything unnecessary.

They also wanted to give personality to this space although it was made in black and white, this is the time in which geometry comes into place. White brillian panels offer cohesion along the apartment at the same time they make it simple and elegant. The inside decoration has a strong character in all its components. Although it doesn’t look like, this apartment has a lot of storage space.

If you like minimalistic decorations and architecture you should definitely take a look at the images below.

Moscow moscow2 moscow3 moscow4 moscow5 moscow6 moscow7 moscow8 moscow9 moscow10

Via: Arquitectura ideal

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