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Due to the wide variety of ceramic floorings available, it is possible to find pieces in countless formats to achieve those desired interiors. We can play with their sizes and formats to achieve very different looks. That way, we can opt for more classic shapes like squares or rectangles, or more avant-garde designs with volume or texture. Each ceramic tile becomes a piece that perfectly combines design, functionality, and creativity.

Classics never fail

geometric shape tiles 1

Rectangular or square pieces are a classic that we must always consider since their modularity fits perfectly in all types of rooms and homes. We can play with vertical, horizontal, or diagonal placement or mix tiles of different designs and colors to give each room an original and creative touch.

Minimum size

geometric shape tiles 2

If we combine small pieces with or without volume, in different shades that blend with each other and with glossy or matte finishes, we can achieve wonderful optical games. These mosaic pieces are widely used to cover curved surfaces, if we want to highlight a specific area, or to define and differentiate environments, adding a distinguished touch of originality to our spaces.

Original geometries

geometric shape tiles 3

Ceramic pieces in other geometric formats such as hexagons or triangles stand out for their originality and aesthetic appeal. These tiles allow for the creation of fascinating geometric patterns that capture the attention of those who contemplate them. In addition, their arrangement in asymmetrical compositions can provide dynamism and visual energy that break with convention, multiplying the possibilities to individualize spaces.

Adding a touch of relief

geometric shape tiles 4

Ceramic pieces with original formats and subtle reliefs offer an exceptional tactile and visual experience. These coverings and pavements that add texture and enhance surfaces bring elegance and sophistication, creating spaces that captivate all the senses.

Source: Portico.es in Spanish

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