Book-inspired decoration ideas

Literature is something that children, and not-so-children, are passionate about. Although it is said that reading is becoming less common, it is not really the case. It’s just that it’s harder to find that book that opens a door full of stories. That’s why, for those who know that the magic of literature is not limited to the pages of books, how about some book-inspired decoration ideas?

If you are a book lover and were thinking of giving your room a makeover, here are some ideas to transform those spaces into unique literary environments. How? By using some special furniture or decorating in a certain way. Take a look at the book-inspired decoration ideas that we tell you below.

book-inspired decoration

Thematic bookshelves: showcase your literary world

As you know, bookshelves are used to store books, figures, games… But the truth is that they can also be arranged in a certain way to create themes with books. And this is essential in book-inspired decoration ideas.

For example, you can arrange them by color or size, forming a figure that represents a character from the book you are basing it on. You can also add decorative elements such as characters from that theme, or framed quotes placed on the bookshelves.

To make it easier to understand, imagine that the book is Little Red Riding Hood. So you could place the books with a red cover in a certain way that, when viewed from a distance, all the books on the different shelves resemble a red hood.

Reading corners

There is no doubt that if you are a lover of literature, you need a place where you can relax and read quietly. So, in your room, set aside a space for a comfortable armchair with cushions, a blanket, a small table, and a lamp.

With that, you will have your own corner and can use it whenever you want to read a little. If you also hang some covers of that thematic book or scenes from it, it will make you feel more at home. Other book-inspired decoration ideas could be to review a scene and recreate that setting that you like to feel like you are inside the book.

Book-inspired art

All books have a scene that captivates us. It could be a forest, a castle, a street… So why not recreate it on your walls? Yes, we know; unless you have experience and training in art and know how to paint well, whatever you do won’t turn out well. But you can always hire someone to do it for you.

The goal is to have at least one wall decorated with a passage from the book. If there is also a special quote, and it’s not too overwhelming, even better. But if it’s out of your budget, you can always opt to frame literary quotes that inspire you and strategically place them in different spaces.

Time travel decoration

If you are fond of a particular literary era, why not transform your room to make it look like it’s from that era? This is another one of the book-inspired decoration ideas that can be very useful when decorating.

For example, if you are a reader of the Victorian era, you could choose antique furniture with bright colors, lots of ornamentation, gold…

Displaying pages

If you like books, and you have several at once, why not display them as they are? You could use book pages to “wallpaper” one of the walls or hang open and closed books on another wall. The closed ones can also serve as supports for small plants.

The goal is to catch your attention when you enter, but also to help you dive into the story.

Literary world maps

Another one of the book-inspired decoration ideas is to use maps of the stories. There are many novels, especially fantasy sagas, that have their own map of the literary world. So you could print it on a large scale and hang it on one of the walls.

Furthermore, you could even mark where you would like to live and the important parts of the map where the book impressed you so much that you would read it again.

book-inspired decoration

Don’t forget about decorations

Many books have merchandise, such as dolls, decorative elements related to the book, or even replicas of the ones featured in the books. So, get them and put them in the themed room.

When looking for book-inspired decoration ideas, you should consider these because they will not only help you add personality, but also let others know exactly which book you love the most.

Book-inspired decoration ideas are a way to infuse your love for reading into every corner of your home. You just need to use your imagination to create a space where you can “smell” that special book that has always caught your attention. Can you think of more ideas to achieve this goal and make you feel like you’re stepping into the book?

Source: MiMub in Spanish

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