Decorating with different shades of blue (Part 1)

Among all the existing colors for decorating our spaces at home, today we would like to share with you some inspirational ideas for decorating with different shades of blue. Blue is a recurring color in home décor and there is a wide variety of tones that you can use for creating infinity of combinations. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can choose paler or darker shades of blue. For example, pale tones of blue are perfect if you want to create a relaxing space.

Metallic seaweed blue for your kitchen

This tone of blue provides your kitchen with a unique style. It conveys tranquility as if you were staring at the peace of the ocean. This blue is a great choice for personalizing your kitchen and making it look more original and gorgeous.


Blue and orange contrast

These complementary colors are perfect for creating an outstanding decoration. You can combine different shades of blue on the walls with orange furniture, as in the pictures below. Both colors create wonderful environments together.



Greenish blue paper wall + blue chair

The flowers paper wall designed with pistachio green, white, pale blue and greenish blue creates a truly beautiful space. Moreover, the contrast of this wall paper with the blue chair and the wooden furniture is ideal for a vintage style decoration.


Pale blue walls and shiny furniture

This paler blue is perfect for narrower spaces and for more calming decorations. As in the picture below, you can combine pale blue with shiny, white and grey decoration to create a very elegant space. It definitely is a very good choice if you like blue and peaceful atmospheres.


Glaucous or bluish grey walls

This tone between grey and blue is ideal for the bathroom decoration. It looks elegant, clean and gorgeous. Moreover, it combines perfectly with the white tones of the bathtub, sink and other elements of the bathroom.


Turquoise blue

There are a lot of different shades of blue and turquoise blue uses to be one of the most popular. It makes great contrast with brown and white. In the following example, turquoise walls are decorated with some relief, which combines really well with the modern furniture.


If you have more ideas you’d like to share with us, you can do it in the comments or in our Facebook page. Moreover, if you liked this post, don’t miss the second part of decorating with different shades of blue.

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